fall 2017 sample source

The new season means another Sample Source box. Now that I’ve been getting these for a couple years now, I have friends and family on board! It’s a really great way for brands to market themselves and a great way for consumers to test products with no commitment, silly newsletters or any nuisance. Each new season, Sample Source sends out an email to give a heads up about new samples and then another email to let you know to log in and pick your selections. What is available to you is based off a quick survey that gives Sample Source a better idea of the samples you would be best for. Some questions about your living situation, eating habits, pets,  etc.

So, here is what I go this time around!

1. Purina Vitality + Dog Food
This was a pretty big ticket sample, a 2kg bag of dog food! However, I am a snob in what I feed my dog so I have slowly just been adding a bit to my dog’s bowl every now and then. Because of the ingredients, I wouldn’t buy this regularly for my dog but the price difference really makes me reconsider.

2. Nordica Smooth Cottage Cheese
Honestly, the best item in this seasons’ box! Although I think the brand expected the consumers to test the plain cottage cheese, I knew that I loved the salted caramel! I would not have used or enjoyed plain cottage cheese but this stuff is great, especially when dipped in apples.

3. Coffee Pods by Nabob and Maxwell House
I like getting coffee pods. It’s the perfect way to experiment and try new coffee without committing to an entire box of pods. Both great brands and known for their coffee.

4. Adam’s All Natural Peanut Butter
I love peanut butter. Like, an unhealthy addiction. This was tasty stuff! I’d love to try a crunchy version because that’s what I normally purchase but I loved the idea of an all natural peanut butter.

5. Breathe Right Strips
I swear by these strips. I first tried using them after receiving them in my Sample Source before. They work, but you need to be sure to follow the instructions or you could end up with a bruise on your nose – take it from me..

6. Cesar Entrees Wet Dog Food
Again, I don’t want to upset my dog’s stomach and honestly, I don’t want to deal with wet dog food on the regular. However, this makes a nice treat for my dog. I can add a scoop or two on top of my dog’s regular meals and I’m sure she likes that!

7. Kashi Seven Grain Quinoa Bar
After reviewing the ingredients list for this item, I decided not to try it based on my allergies.

8. Kellogg’s Vector Protein Bar
After reviewing the ingredients list for this item, I decided not to try it based on my allergies.

9. Sunlight 4-in-1 Powercore Pods
On the package, it says this product restores whites and protects colours and fabric. For that reason, I used this pod in a wash of whites. I wanted to brighten up my white shirts. Let me tell you, this pod was the size of my palm. It’s was next level. As far as the results, I’m not sure how different this pod is from any other on the market.

10. Pedigree DentaFlex 
Honestly, I am still scared to give this to my dog right now. My sister’s dog started experiencing some weird stuff after the last time these were in the box and we’re not sure what it’s from exactly. It could be a coincidence but it’s really not worth the vet bill for me – sorry Pedigree and sorry Ellie!

11. Pedigree DentaFlex
These I have no problem feeding to my dog. I have been buying these for a couple years and have never had an issue. My dog loves them but seems to go through one rather quick. It’s a nice treat that contributes to oral health – so that’s a plus!

12. Sensodyne Toothpaste
This isn’t a new product for me, I’ve used Sensodyne before. I like to keep these little sample sizes for travel or to keep at the office. Since using Invisalign, I have definitely tripled the amount of toothpaste I use.

13. Sensodyne Mouthwash
Since I have Invisalign, I will take all the oral hygiene products I can! I’ve used Sensodyne before. I like to keep these little sample sizes for travel or to keep at the office. I usually use another brand because I like the whitening benefits rather than the sensitivity.

To be blunt, I wasn’t overly impressed with the items in this box and have already sampled a lot of this stuff before. It’s nice to see full size items, I can’t wait to see what the next box has! You can check out and sign up for Sample Source to be included in the next round.

spring 2017 sample source

So excited to receive my Spring 2017 Sample Source box! It arrived early last week and since then I’ve had a chance to sample some of the products. So far I have been loving the Pure Protein Crunch snack and thoroughly enjoyed the Hersey’s chocolate! Here is a breakdown of what I received this time from Sample Source. Can you believe this service is completely free?!

1. Nescafe Coffee Pods
This time I received both the original and a french vanilla flavour. I haven’t used them because I actually got rid of my coffee machine, but I might use them in the office or bring them to my sisters place.

2. Pedigree DentaFlex Stick
Honestly, I am scared to give this to my dog right now. My sisters dog started experiencing some weird stuff and we’re not sure what it’s from exactly. It could be a coincidence but it’s really not worth the vet bill for me – sorry Pedigree and sorry Ellie!

3. Truvia Sweetener
I’m excited to give these sweeteners a try. I am trying hard to kick my love/addiction to sugar and figure these might just be helpful for that. These can be used in coffee, tea and as a substitute for any other sweetener you’re using.

4. Breathe Right Nasal Strips
I actually really like these strips. I think I have received them in nearly every Sample Source box I have every received. They work well… but please remember to use water during the removal process. I learned the hard way and have a nice bruise on my nose for a solid week. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.

5. Sensodyne Toothpaste
This isn’t really a new product for me, I’ve used Sensodyne before. I like to keep these little sample sizes for travel or to keep at the office. Since using Invisalign, I have definitely tripled the amount of toothpaste I use.

6. Welch’s Fruit Snacks
Again, one of my favourite items. I’ve totally received these fruit snacks before. They are a perfect mid-day snack for a little boost of sugar.

7. Dove Shampoo and Conditioner
These sample sizes are perfect for travel or for when you run out of shampoo or conditioner – saving the day. These are the daily moisture collection which should hydrate any damaged hair. I personally love Dove products.

8. Catelli Ancient Grain Pasta
I have yet to try this pasta. I picked up the package last night from Foodland. Sample Source includes a coupon for a free package, but you have to pick up the product yourself. I assume this is because of the size and weight of the product. This pasta is made from a variety of grains including quinoa.

9. Purina Dog Chow
Since I am pretty well set on the dog food I already buy, I tend to mix in the sample bags I get with her regular good. To avoid any upset stomachs, I don’t really give my dog a full bowl of a new dog food unless I am desperate. Like I stayed at a friends house with her and didn’t bring enough food and they pet store near by didn’t have the regular stuff.

10. Pure Protein Crunch
These little snacks are tasty. I received the peanut butter flavour – and I am obsessed with peanut butter. Each package contains 10g of protein, 5g of sugar and 160 calories. The best way to describe them are like a corn puff texture with a little hint of peanut butter. They don’t taste like protein powder or anything weird. I liked them!

11. Hersey’s Cookie + Caramel Bar
This was the perfect treat for after dinner. The bite size bar was packed with little chunks of shortbread and a nice amount of carmel. The chocolate was creamy like Hersey’s always is! I could totally eat more of these.

12. Special K Nourish Bar – Caramel Sea Salt & Mixed Nuts
I love the nourish bars from Kellogg’s. This one even has quinoa in it! It’s definitely not missing out on any sugar though. Despite sounding like a healthy treat, it’s really not all that great for you. I mean, there is some nutritional value but this isn’t a substitute for a good breakfast by any means.

So I think this was a good little collection of goodies. Inside Sample Source is always more coupons as well. I have never been let down by Sample Source. I mean you’re getting a bunch of samples for free – how could you be? You don’t have to be a blogger or anything to get these samples either. Just sign up on their website and wait for the email to let you know when to log on and order your box! The best part is that they distribute samples in Canada and in the US.

Check out Sample Source today so that you don’t miss next quarter’s box.

product review: soapstones natural skincare

Cruising through Instagram, I came across a post that showcased some piña colada lip balm. If you know me, you know my love for pineapple/coconut flavoured stuff. Drinks, Häagen-Dazs ice cream, hand soap.. whatever! I just love the smell and taste of piña colada stuff. I reached out to see if Soapstones Natural Skincare was interested in working with bloggers and to see if they would hopefully collaborate with me. They let me pick a few items that I would put to good use and enjoy and sent them my way.

I was super excited to open my package and see that they had sent an aluminum-free deodorant, a bottle of body wash and two piña colada lip balms. Soapstones is a Canadian company based out of Huntsville, Ontario. Being a Canadian company just made me want to work with them even more. But wait, it gets better. Soapstones takes pride in creating products that are not only good for those who use it, but they are also conscious of the environment and giving back to the community. A portion of their proceeds are donated back to the community in order to help develop youth leadership skills.

Piña Colada Lip Balm
The limited ingredients include beeswax, cannabis seed oil and soy wax. For 15ml, a standard size stick it will cost you $5. It’s pretty reasonable considering the effort that would go into making lip balm and packaging it with quality ingredients. The balm itself is soothing upon application and lasts. I’m a sucker for lip balms and have been using this one all week. My lips feel great! You can try their other scents: maple, raspberry, vanilla, peppermint or lemon.

Stones Muskoka Body Wash
For the most part, I used body wash in the shower. That being said, I have been using bar soap for the last couple months. Since the body wash arrived, I’ve been using it instead. The scent is great, I can’t really put it into words. It smells like men, but not too overbearing. In fact, I think ladies would enjoy it themselves too! It’s comforting to know that the body wash contains no parabens, no DEA and no PEG. It’ll cost you $16 for 250ml which should last you a while if you’re using a loofa! The body washes come in a variety of scents (over 10 to pick from) and of course they offer an unscented version.

Stones Deodorant
It may be TMI, but my armpits don’t like deodorant. I have to constantly switch between Old Spice, Adidas, Dove+ for men, and Saje. If I use the same deodorant for several days in a row I get a burn like reaction. It’s not cool. I remember telling my mom about it when I was like 16 and living with her. She said “so get a new deodorant,” thanks mom. I’ve been using the Stones Deodorant for the past four days and it seems my armpits like it! My Saje deodorant is pretty good, but it’s unscented and you have to apply water on it before each application. The deodorants from Stones are aluminum-free, vegetable based and easy to apply. They are lightly scented, so it’s not over the top either. You can pick between cedar and saffron scent, fresh water, or their Muskoka scent. I received the Muskoka scent and have nothing but the best to say so far!

If you’re interested in ordering from Soapstones Natural Skincare, you can shop online and receive free shipping for orders over $75. There is something nice about supporting Canadian businesses that put an effort into giving back.

product review: the BARK’N FUN company

If you have been following my blog, you likely know that I have a dog. Her name is Ellie and she is just over a year old. Ellie is a Boston Terrier/French Bulldog mix with a ton of personality. Not only is she full of sass but she is too smart for her own good. She loves going in the water, long walks, socializing with humans and with other dogs. However there is nothing in the world she loves more than treats and toys.

I was really excited to hop on a call with Danielle, the owner of The BARK’N  FUN Company to discuss working together. Not only do I appreciate how hard of a worker Danielle is. She is running her subscription box company primarily on her own. I also really liked how she is only a short drive from my house. At first I didn’t realize they were based out of Courtice but after talking for a while that came up and this made me want to work with the brand even more. Currently, the service is only available in Canada.

So here’s what was included in the box we received.


I have a love-hate relationship with buying toys for Ellie. She destroys most toys within five minutes and let me tell ya, toys aren’t cheap! I do my best to get her the durable and tough toys but that girl impresses me with her predator skills.

The BARK N’ FUN Company subscription box I received had four toys.  First, the “knot-ical tuff double tug” rope which is lime green – she loves ropes and even knows what “go get your rope” means. The second toy, a “skinneez” which contains 19; yes 19 squeakers and no stuffing! Yay for no stuffing but squeakers are super annoying to me. I hate squeaker toys – so Ellie is lucky when she gets one. I have to admit, I limit the time she has with the squeaker toys.. sorry Ellie. The first toy I gave her was the “beyond tough criss-cross” it’s a durable and soft dog toy that she had a lot of fun with. It just wasn’t durable enough for Ellie though! The last toy is my favourite of the bunch. It’s a little piglet made by Pride Bites. This one floats when it needs to, is durable and yes, it contains a squeaker.


I am pretty strict on what treats I give Ellie. I mean, I’m not like over the top crazy but I’m also not the type to give her a full sugar coated Timbit. Ever since I’ve had her, I have been buying the Benny Bully liver treats for her. She loves them just as much as she loves fresh rotisserie chicken and carrots!

The BARK N’ FUN Company box came with three bags of treats. All three bags are from the same company, FeelGood Treats. They are also a Canadian company. 2/3 bags were grain-free treats which is great because I feed her grain-free food. The larger of the three bags is the Trail Blazin’ bits. They were pretty limited in ingredients and are made with goat – so that was a plus. The box also includes two bags of their Teeny Treats. One was grain-free, the other was not. The Teeny Treats are hand made in BC from all natural ingredients. I sprinkled a little bit of these on her kibble since they were so little – she loved ’em! A plus about the treats is that they all contain no preservatives.

You can imagine how excited Ellie was to receive her own “blogger mail,” I know she was excited to be spoiled with a mixture of treats and toys. This box retails for $36.99 which isn’t bad seeing as I’ve paid $18 for a single dog toy before. Dog toys aren’t cheap and neither are quality treats, especially ones that are made with healthy and nutritious ingredients. That being said, they do have boxes available from $34.99 up to $46.00. You can specify the gender of the dog, the size and the age. Not only does The BARK N’ FUN Company have subscription boxes but you can shop their boutique for treats, toys, dog tags and apparel too.

I wrote a guest blog post on The BARK N’ FUN Company blog. The post is all about massages for dogs and how you can do one at home. You can view that by clicking here.

product review: popsocket phone clip

Yay! Another product review. This product was part of a giveaway my friends Somewhere With Us (a travel blog/Instagram account) had going on their Instagram account last month. Since learning about the PopSocket, I’ve seen a ton of these neat little gadgets on Instagram. Emma Roberts, Jared Leto, Maisy Stella and Gigi Hadid are only some of the celebrities who have shown their Pop Socket’s off on social media. So what is a PopSocket? A PopSocket is a unique clip that lets you get a better grip of your phone or tablet. The PopSocket also acts as a stand for your device. There are two pieces to one.

One is more of a holder piece, see below. This has a sticky (reusable) adhesive that you can attach to your car’s interior for hands-free talking, or to help navigate on your next road trip. You stick that where ever you pick. Some people even have them on their fridge for when they are watching cooking videos and trying a new recipe. The possibilities are endless. I’ve yet to attach it anywhere, but will likely put it in my car.

The second part is what you attach to the back of your phone, or phone case. It also “pops” out when you pull it – kind of like an accordion. PopSockets work on most cases, unless you have a really texturized or silicone case for your device. At first I put mine right onto my iPhone – over top the Apple logo. It didn’t sit where I wanted it to, so I removed it and moved it a bit lower. To be honest, it was a little tough to get off. I think that’s a good thing though, you don’t want it to fall off easily. When I removed it to reposition it, there was no mark or sticky substance left behind. I put my case on my phone and then put my PopSocket on the back of my case.


They come in a ton of different designs. The ones I received were custom ones that Somewhere With Us had made up. It’s a neat, affordable way to get a better grip on your phone. This makes taking selfies easier and doubles as a stand while watching videos on your device. At first I couldn’t figure out how to use the PopSocket but after watching some videos online I figured it out and how easy they actually are to use. The best part is that they are reusable, you don’t have to worry about switching devices or removing your PopSocket.

product review: next meat subscription box

I’m a sucker for cured meats. I really like hot pepperettes the most. Pepperettes are something I buy regularly from the deli because they are a quick n’ easy snack. I also love the greasy gas station ones that have probably been sitting on the counter for weeks – they are just too good! Next Meat is a Canadian subscription box company that delivers a box filled with packaged cured meats to you. This is a great subscription box for those who host often. You could make a mean charcuterie with their products.

The Next Meat website says each box comes with one of the following to accompany the meat and to enhance your overall experience: crackers, cheese, salt, vinegar, oils or dried vegetables. However, the one I received for review did not. I also didn’t see any additional items mentioned above in their October box. This is higher end subscription service, costing you $47.95CAD per month. That price includes including shipping. No tax. Like most other subscription box services, you can save money by pre-paying for a longer term.

One thing I have learned from this box and from the last food subscription box service I received for review is that I hate the smell of truffle. I like chocolate truffles, but not the fancy truffle seasoning.

The box I received included..


Preferisco Fennel Salami

Preferisco Truffle Salami

So I actually could tell a difference between this salami and the salami I’ve purchased from the deli at my grocery store. Preferisco’s seemed less greasy, lighter and more fresh. I actually really enjoyed the Fennel Salami, it reminded me of a very mild pepperette. As you know, truffle is just a scent and flavour that I can’t get into. I did try a piece and it was not horrible but I couldn’t eat the entire package (sorry!)


Spagina Chorizo – Mild

Spagina Chorizo – Hot

So these were kind of cool because this was my first time trying chorizo. This also means I don’t really have any other kind of chorizo to compare it to. It was good, I liked the hot better because I love hot food as you should know by now! Chorizo is great cut up as a snack with cheese and crackers. Chorizo is also used in burritos and added to other dishes such as pasta and on top of pizza.


Venetian Chorizo Spanish Sausage

So I thought it was cool that all of these meats happened to be from Canada. I read on the Next Meat website that they source their items from Canada and import items from around the world too. Venetian is based out of Hamilton, ON. Their Spanish chorizo sausage is made with a coarse grind. Again, this can be enjoyed as a snack/appetizer or within an entrée like pizza or pasta.

Overall, I thought this was a neat subscription service. Though the price point is a bit steep for me to subscribe to regularly. You are getting what you pay for though, which is an assortment of quality meat. I would have liked a better mix as I received three types of chorizo and two types of salami. Since I am new to the entire “meat market,” I thought this was a neat way to try some more products that I wouldn’t typically grab during my routine grocery shop. If you or some body you know would like to subscribe to Next Meat, check them out online!

product review: tomtoc laptop sleeve

I was thrilled when I noticed a pending message request on my Instagram. I love receiving messages! This one, in particular, was exciting because it wasn’t spam or a sales pitch. Angela from tomtoc had reached out in regards to partnering together in order to promote tomtoc. tomtoc is a brand that sells quality products for laptops, tablets and phones. They use premium materials to create protection for some of my favourite devices.

In this case, they sent me a laptop sleeve for my MacBook Pro. My MacBook is outdated, I got it in early 2011 before I went to college. It still works and I do use it for streaming, writing long emails and whatever else I don’t want to do from my phone. I often bring my laptop with me when I am doing contract work or if I am working somewhere other than at the office or at home. My MacBook was key to my success as an intern and as a contract employee after being hired on for the Summer. Yes… I had to use my own laptop; which kind of sucked. This also meant commuting with it and carrying it around. I settled for a cheap, plain black, not-so-durable sleeve from the dollar store.

The tomtoc sleeve that they sent me fits just perfectly. It’s snug, but it fits into the sleeve just fine. My dollar store one was too big for my laptop and certainly not as protective. The corners of the sleeve are extra padded for protection against drops. I also really liked how the outside material is water resistant. I won’t have to worry when I am walking to or from the car in the rain or in any crazy snowstorms. This sleeve really does offer some all around coverage with thick padding inside. I found it cool that they also offer a warranty for their products. On the tag of the sleeve, you get a serial number which is easily registered on the tomtoc website. The sleeve I received is basic but it does offer extra storage for USB sticks, etc. with an extra pocket at the front. Another upgrade from what I was using before.

What was also great is that I received the product one day after Angela confirmed the product with me. This is because the item shipped from Amazon and was an Amazon Prime order – how cool! If you’re on the market for some extra protection for your favourite piece of tech, check out tomtoc! I’m also working on taking some more photos which I’ll be sending off to tomtoc for use on their end of things.

product review: try the world subscription box

It’s funny how this box ended up in my hands. I used to have a blog with my old roomies and I would always reach out to subscription boxes on our behalf. We loved receiving subscription boxes to review on our blog. It was definitely one my favourite things about running a blog. Try The World responded to my inquiry about two years later to say that they were about to start shipping to Canada and were interested in partnering together. Since our blog is no longer active, I mentioned that I just launched my own blog and they were still interested in working together.

Try The World is certainly a luxury subscription box service. Each month you receive a box curated by a chef with 7-10 artisanal food items inside all from a specific country. Your box will include a card that describes each item, tells you a bit about the chef and gives you some recipes for inspiration.

The box that I received was one of their older boxes – from September 2016. This was the Italy box which Laura Vitale curated. Laura was born in Italy and is a TV personality on the Cooking Channel. Her successful YouTube channel Laura in the Kitchen has over 2 million subscribers. Not a huge shocker but I was impressed with her picks!

Their beautifully branded, teal coloured, box was inside a brown cardboard box. The box, about the size of a shoe box, was stuffed full with items that all came from Italy. I could even see a bit of the raffia straw coming out! Try The World included: Terrigena Mushroom Risotto, Sabatina Tartufi Truffle Zest Seasoning, Maison Nocciola Hazelnut Spread, Pesto from Cascina San Cassiano, Societa Agricola Acetomodena Balsamic Vinegar, La Pasta Di Aldo Egg Pasta, Ground Coffee from Giuliano Cafe, and Marabissi Amaretti Alla Mandorla Dessert Bites.


You might be able to tell from the list but these products are authentic Italian items. The service is certainly classy and would be great to order and have a date night in with. Cook dinner up and learn a bit about the Italian culture and how the items are typically used in cooking. I couldn’t resist cracking open the hazelnut spread and the dessert bites as soon as the box arrived. The hazelnut spread is like Nutella, but you can tell it’s a nicer, more pure, version. I totally tried the spread straight off a spoon but I also had it on a piece of toasted rye bread. It was amazing! The bites are good too, they have that true amaretto flavour to it. I’m really excited to try the pesto and the egg pasta together. Pesto covered pasta is something I love!

Are you interested in the service? A box is $39 per month, but you can save money by committing to a three, six or 12 month subscription. You can also pick bi-monthly deliveries instead. Shipping is extra and different based on where you live – as mentioned, they do ship to Canada. Plus, if you sign up today you’ll receive this box for free! Try The World today.

TLDR; Try The World is a quality subscription box service that picks their items on a country inspired themed with a new chef curator each month. This would make a great gift idea for your loved one who loves to cook.

holiday marketing for the entrepreneur in you

With just over a month left until Christmas, hopefully you have started to plan your holiday marketing strategy. I am confident my tips will help you increase sales and attract and retain some new customers. I have a passion for marketing and think there are so many opportunities and benefits of investing in creative and eye-catching marketing efforts.

If you’re a business owner and reading this, I hope you can take away an idea or two to use. If you’re a blogger or influencer reading, hopefully you can incorporate some of these techniques in a way that works for you and your audience.

Partner With A Charitable Organization To Give Back
You might already be on top of this. Maybe you are hosting a food drive next month or have plans to donate partial sales to a non-for-profit in your area. Get creative and strategic, this is a great opportunity for a cross promotion.

Promote Gift Giving
Tis the season to give gifts, almost everyone has that one person on their list that they are unsure what to give. By promoting gift giving, not only are you “zeroing in” on happiness; you’re also helping make your customers gift giving that much easier. Does your business offer gift certificates or have a referral and/or loyalty program yet?

Create Your Own Seasonal Themed Content
Believe it or not, your content does better than someone else’s. Taking photos of your decorated space, sharing limited time promotions and ultimately creating your own copy, photos, videos, and graphics can really allow you to incorporate your branding and tone over the holidays.

A couple ideas: A holiday count down, a contest leading up to the New Year, or photos of your “Elf on the Shelf” around the work place, store or office.

Give Back To The Local Community
The end of the year is a busy time, but making time to give back is crucial for business owners. During the Winter, it’s ideal to give back to not only your customers but those who support your business.

Some ideas to give back locally include: participating or sponsoring a community event, donating food, product, or your services to another business or individual. And of course, if you haven’t sent out e-cards or handwritten cards to your most valuable partners and/or suppliers or clients then get on it!

Work With Your Suppliers/Support Team
Does your store sell a well-known brand? Maybe you offer a new service that many aren’t familiar with? Invite those you work regularly into your store, or to your holiday event. Think of offering samples, maybe create an area in the office or store that is an amazing opportunity for a photo (selfie spot anyone?) It’s key to create an overall experience for those who decide to check out your offerings as they prepare to spend some money.

Work With Influencers
Bloggers, YouTubers and other social media users have grown audiences that follow their content regularly. Many have built a relationship which allows influencers to share their voice and opinion to readers on new products, exciting events and other information or services. Rather than purchasing an advertisement in your local newspaper, you can hire a local blogger to write about your business. Same goes for buying a radio ad, you can hire a YouTuber to review your product.

America, meet your President!

Woah! Thank you, it’s finally over. I can’t believe that for nearly two years our social feeds, TV screens and anywhere else we turned had something to do with Trump and/or Clinton. As a Canadian, of course I have some interest in the campaign. The idea of who will be the next President was something I thought about for sure. But really, the entire campaign process was annoying and a waste of money in my opinion. They both have spent more money on their campaigns than anyone should have to get your vote.

Here are some of the awesome things you might have missed with all the bashing, lying and twisting of the arm we’ve seen.

Trump called climate change a hoax
Sure, you might not believe in climate change. But do you really want to take the risk of not making an effort to slow down or work with environmentalist to ensure we have a better sense of climate change for our kids and grandkids?

Trump isn’t the businessman we think he is
Yes, he is worth more than you and I but he inherited a ton of his wealth from his father. Here are some of his failed businesses: Trump Airlines, Trump Beverages, Trump: The Game, Trump Casinos, Trump Magazine, Trump University, Trump Vodka, Trump Mortgages, Trump Steaks (uh okay) and GoTrump.com (a travel site)

Trump vs. women
To be honest, I think I was most shocked at the number of white women who voted for Trump. Any other “celebrity” who would have said the remarks he has made in regards to women would have faced a lot more backlash. Grab her by the what? Imagine a male high school student said what he said – the kid would be in detention for a week at minimum, if not suspended. You would think that ladies would support one another for this one.

Trump on abortion
This is a sensitive topic. But if you think that anyone who has an abortion deserves to be punished.. well, I hope you never get raped. If you’re a man, I hope your wife or daughter never gets raped.

Trump and the LGBT+ community
He started off pretty against same sex relationships. Eventually he noticed how many LGBT+ people are in the United States. Trump attended an anti-LGBT conference earlier this year.. sorry, how is that even a conference? In response to same sex marriage, Trump had this to say, “I don’t feel right about it. I’m against it, and I take a lot of heat because I come from New York.”

Trump mocking someone with a joint disorder
Again, if a high school student were to publicly mock or make fun of someone with a physical disorder he or she would face more consequences than Donald did. Google “Donald mocking journalist with joint disorder” if you want to see the sickening gestures he made.

Trump on PTSD
He has called veterans who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder less “strong,” than those who don’t. Okay, well I don’t know about you but if you were to send me off to battle I would probably be dead within 24 hours. I think anyone who fights for their country is strong and very brave.  I couldn’t imagine what the troops see, hear, smell and feel. They’re pretty strong both physically and mentally in my eyes.


Take it or leave it. I’m not a political science major and I don’t have an overwhelming interest in American politics but this is your President America. Canadian’s are close by and the entire nation is watching. I truly hope Donald Trump does a good job as President. During the campaign and since his win there has already been enough hatred and negativity to last us the next five years. Like anything else in the world, we have our set backs. It’s not the end, it’s just the beginning.