fall 2017 sample source

The new season means another Sample Source box. Now that I’ve been getting these for a couple years now, I have friends and family on board! It’s a really great way for brands to market themselves and a great way for consumers to test products with no commitment, silly newsletters or any nuisance. Each new season, Sample Source sends out an email to give a heads up about new samples and then another email to let you know to log in and pick your selections. What is available to you is based off a quick survey that gives Sample Source a better idea of the samples you would be best for. Some questions about your living situation, eating habits, pets,  etc.

So, here is what I go this time around!

1. Purina Vitality + Dog Food
This was a pretty big ticket sample, a 2kg bag of dog food! However, I am a snob in what I feed my dog so I have slowly just been adding a bit to my dog’s bowl every now and then. Because of the ingredients, I wouldn’t buy this regularly for my dog but the price difference really makes me reconsider.

2. Nordica Smooth Cottage Cheese
Honestly, the best item in this seasons’ box! Although I think the brand expected the consumers to test the plain cottage cheese, I knew that I loved the salted caramel! I would not have used or enjoyed plain cottage cheese but this stuff is great, especially when dipped in apples.

3. Coffee Pods by Nabob and Maxwell House
I like getting coffee pods. It’s the perfect way to experiment and try new coffee without committing to an entire box of pods. Both great brands and known for their coffee.

4. Adam’s All Natural Peanut Butter
I love peanut butter. Like, an unhealthy addiction. This was tasty stuff! I’d love to try a crunchy version because that’s what I normally purchase but I loved the idea of an all natural peanut butter.

5. Breathe Right Strips
I swear by these strips. I first tried using them after receiving them in my Sample Source before. They work, but you need to be sure to follow the instructions or you could end up with a bruise on your nose – take it from me..

6. Cesar Entrees Wet Dog Food
Again, I don’t want to upset my dog’s stomach and honestly, I don’t want to deal with wet dog food on the regular. However, this makes a nice treat for my dog. I can add a scoop or two on top of my dog’s regular meals and I’m sure she likes that!

7. Kashi Seven Grain Quinoa Bar
After reviewing the ingredients list for this item, I decided not to try it based on my allergies.

8. Kellogg’s Vector Protein Bar
After reviewing the ingredients list for this item, I decided not to try it based on my allergies.

9. Sunlight 4-in-1 Powercore Pods
On the package, it says this product restores whites and protects colours and fabric. For that reason, I used this pod in a wash of whites. I wanted to brighten up my white shirts. Let me tell you, this pod was the size of my palm. It’s was next level. As far as the results, I’m not sure how different this pod is from any other on the market.

10. Pedigree DentaFlex 
Honestly, I am still scared to give this to my dog right now. My sister’s dog started experiencing some weird stuff after the last time these were in the box and we’re not sure what it’s from exactly. It could be a coincidence but it’s really not worth the vet bill for me – sorry Pedigree and sorry Ellie!

11. Pedigree DentaFlex
These I have no problem feeding to my dog. I have been buying these for a couple years and have never had an issue. My dog loves them but seems to go through one rather quick. It’s a nice treat that contributes to oral health – so that’s a plus!

12. Sensodyne Toothpaste
This isn’t a new product for me, I’ve used Sensodyne before. I like to keep these little sample sizes for travel or to keep at the office. Since using Invisalign, I have definitely tripled the amount of toothpaste I use.

13. Sensodyne Mouthwash
Since I have Invisalign, I will take all the oral hygiene products I can! I’ve used Sensodyne before. I like to keep these little sample sizes for travel or to keep at the office. I usually use another brand because I like the whitening benefits rather than the sensitivity.

To be blunt, I wasn’t overly impressed with the items in this box and have already sampled a lot of this stuff before. It’s nice to see full size items, I can’t wait to see what the next box has! You can check out and sign up for Sample Source to be included in the next round.


It’s cuffing season! As the cold weather sets in and the daylight hours diminish, most of us will start to lounge around inside more often than during the warmer months. What better way to spend a lazy night or Sunday then watching Netflix with your favourite snack? I have put together a list of offerings available on Netflix Canada for your viewing pleasure. Whatcha waiting for? Put the feet up and dive in!

1. How to Get Away with Murder
I kind of felt like this series starts a bit slow but by the middle of the first season, you are going to be hooked. Basically, a defence lawyer and her students get themselves into some wild situations and have to get themselves out of a lot of intense situations. Starring Viola Davis, there are three seasons on Netflix so far.

2. Gaga: Five Foot Two
Even if you don’t love Lady Gaga, you’ll find some inspiration in this documentary. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka Lady Gaga pours herself into her career despite suffering from some heavy health issues. This documentary is just under two hours long and gives you an inside look on Gaga as she promotes her album and gears up for her Superbowl performance.

3. Shameless
The other day I was explaining this as a raunchy version of Modern Family. An alcoholic father and his offspring go through a ton of ups and downs as the oldest sister tries to care for her younger siblings. I can’t recommend this series enough.

4. Girlboss
I haven’t got too deep into this series but so far, so good. It follows a young go-getter who is sick of where she is at in life. She starts doing her own thing by scouring thrift shops for expensive finds and resells them for what they are worth. This one is relatable for any young adult trying to find their place in the adult world.

5. Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life
Love him or hate him, you know you like at least one of Chris’ tracks. This documentary really reminds those like myself who aren’t superfans about the success Chris Brown has had. After working with Usher from his teenage years to performing a tribute to the late Michael Jackson at the BET Awards and of course the entire assault trail after his altercation with Rihanna this really puts things into perspective.

Hope you find something to watch, I’m going to go watch How to Get Away with Murder now!

product review: munchpak #2

I was lucky enough to review MunchPak before but someone from their team reached out for a second review. MunchPak is a subscription box service that sends you a box full of snacks. There is a variety of snacks inside some are candy, chocolate and even some salty treats like chips. I received the MunchPak Original. This offering includes 10 or more items for only $19.95. Don’t fret! If you want fewer snacks or more snacks you can always opt in or out. The MunchPak Mini will cost you $9.95 for five or six snacks. The FamilyPak costs $39.95 is the best value and includes 20 or more items. The snacks included are from all over. You might find Canadian snacks but you will also get to try stuff from Asia, the UK and all over!  MunchPak will even ship worldwide but of course, shipping rates will vary depending on where you live.

They even have their own shop so you can purchase the items you loved – or find new ones and purchase by item if you’re not into the idea of a surprise or mystery!

So here is what I received in my second MunchPak! PS. You can save $3 off your own MunchPak by using promo code “boywhoblogs

FullSizeRender (6)

Sweet & Salty Chocolate Peanut Butter Bugles (USA)
These were actually unreal! I loved them. I was a bit skeptical at first because they are Bugles and I’m used to the original. The chocolate peanut butter flavouring was very good. I really liked these.

Doritos Pizzerolas (Mexico)
These were different… not bad but I wouldn’t buy them. Doritos has so many amazing flavours but I wouldn’t consider the Pizzerolas flavour one their best. I did, however, finish the bag. The pizza taste is not the same as what you would taste in a pizza flavoured Pringle.

Boston Baked Beans (Mexico)
Well, these aren’t beans. They are more of a novelty, gag item. The beans are actually candy coated peanuts. I didn’t enjoy the candy coating at all but the peanuts weren’t bad! I didn’t and won’t finish these.

Bebeto Wacky Sticks Strawberry Flavor (Turkey)
Without a question one of my favourite items! I love wacky sticks and strawberry flavoured snacks. These were really good and I noticed that you get a good amount of straws in the package. These are similar to the candy straws available in Canada.

Skawa Orange Yogurt Dragees (Poland)
These little balls were just alright. One of the two items I didn’t finish and probably won’t. They aren’t bad or anything, just not my favourite. They have a harder coating and a light yogurt-like creamy inside.

White & Red Flag Caramel Heaven Wafers (Poland)
This was disgusting good. I love caramel and wafers are great. I had to eat this in like four sitting because it was a bit much. Great tasting product but not something I would regularly buy if they were readily available in Canada.

Dragonfly Lotus Tea (Vietnam)
To be honest, drinking a tea without reading the label scares me and I’ve yet to build up the courage to try this. Lotus tea has its health benefits and is supposed to be a sweet, fruity tea.

Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles (United Kingdom)
Within my top three for sure. I love Rowntrees products and generally seem to enjoy candy and chocolate from the UK. The best way to describe these would be like a sugar-coated wine gum.

Nestle Morochas Cookies (USA)
These weren’t bad but nothing to rant and rave over. I’m not a huge cookie lover.

Yaokin Cola Candy Straws (Japan)
These sour cola straws were delicious! One of my favourites, they were cola flavoured which was interesting.

Sign up for MunchPak today and save $3 with the use of my promo code “boywhoblogs

product review: Dr. Scholl’s foot care

The worst is when you have a pair of shoes that you enjoy wearing but they aren’t the most comfortable pair you own. For a few years now I have been buying some basic, cheap canvas style footwear. Each summer I get a new pair because they are so cheap and I want to wear shoes that aren’t falling apart. Finding a good pair of shoes can be hard. You want something functional, stylish and of course comfortable. After all, we all know how annoying a blister can be.

I was lucky enough to receive four pairs of insoles and a package of blister cushions. I had received two insoles specific for ladies: one for high heels and another designed for pumps and flats. I made two people’s days by giving these away!

It was perfect timing for me to receive this package because ironically, I had just developed a small blister on my heel that day. The first thing I did was use one of the blister cushions immediately. I didn’t even know this product was on the market! They are similar to a band aid but a lot more ideal. First off, they are clear so you can wear them in the summer and not worry about that off the skin tone coloured strip showing and drawing attention to your feet. Secondly, these things stay on! I wore it for two days, including during two showers! When I took the blister cushion off, my blister was gone. There is a slight padding, which is gel-like to a certain degree to provide protection from the rubbing against your sensitive spot.

The insoles I received for men were different. One was designed to relieve pain from plantar fasciitis which is basically inflamed tissue around your heel – common in athletes and those who work on their feet every day. These have a lot of padding on the heel and are molded to offer support to the arch of your foot. The other pair of insoles I received for men are designed to provide relief of back pain. Now, these ones come with a shock guard which absorb some of the impacts that come with walking on concrete and hard floors. Though I don’t suffer from heel pain, I do often get some aches in my lower back. I figured I would put them both to use in my cheap shoes and they’ve definitely made them more enjoyable to wear.

So if you find yourself stuck in a situation where you love some cheap, uncomfortable shoes then don’t hesitate to look into the variety of products that Dr. Scholl’s has made available to us.  Don’t forget the blister cushions they make either – I swear these are game changing.

spring 2017 sample source

So excited to receive my Spring 2017 Sample Source box! It arrived early last week and since then I’ve had a chance to sample some of the products. So far I have been loving the Pure Protein Crunch snack and thoroughly enjoyed the Hersey’s chocolate! Here is a breakdown of what I received this time from Sample Source. Can you believe this service is completely free?!

1. Nescafe Coffee Pods
This time I received both the original and a french vanilla flavour. I haven’t used them because I actually got rid of my coffee machine, but I might use them in the office or bring them to my sisters place.

2. Pedigree DentaFlex Stick
Honestly, I am scared to give this to my dog right now. My sisters dog started experiencing some weird stuff and we’re not sure what it’s from exactly. It could be a coincidence but it’s really not worth the vet bill for me – sorry Pedigree and sorry Ellie!

3. Truvia Sweetener
I’m excited to give these sweeteners a try. I am trying hard to kick my love/addiction to sugar and figure these might just be helpful for that. These can be used in coffee, tea and as a substitute for any other sweetener you’re using.

4. Breathe Right Nasal Strips
I actually really like these strips. I think I have received them in nearly every Sample Source box I have every received. They work well… but please remember to use water during the removal process. I learned the hard way and have a nice bruise on my nose for a solid week. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.

5. Sensodyne Toothpaste
This isn’t really a new product for me, I’ve used Sensodyne before. I like to keep these little sample sizes for travel or to keep at the office. Since using Invisalign, I have definitely tripled the amount of toothpaste I use.

6. Welch’s Fruit Snacks
Again, one of my favourite items. I’ve totally received these fruit snacks before. They are a perfect mid-day snack for a little boost of sugar.

7. Dove Shampoo and Conditioner
These sample sizes are perfect for travel or for when you run out of shampoo or conditioner – saving the day. These are the daily moisture collection which should hydrate any damaged hair. I personally love Dove products.

8. Catelli Ancient Grain Pasta
I have yet to try this pasta. I picked up the package last night from Foodland. Sample Source includes a coupon for a free package, but you have to pick up the product yourself. I assume this is because of the size and weight of the product. This pasta is made from a variety of grains including quinoa.

9. Purina Dog Chow
Since I am pretty well set on the dog food I already buy, I tend to mix in the sample bags I get with her regular good. To avoid any upset stomachs, I don’t really give my dog a full bowl of a new dog food unless I am desperate. Like I stayed at a friends house with her and didn’t bring enough food and they pet store near by didn’t have the regular stuff.

10. Pure Protein Crunch
These little snacks are tasty. I received the peanut butter flavour – and I am obsessed with peanut butter. Each package contains 10g of protein, 5g of sugar and 160 calories. The best way to describe them are like a corn puff texture with a little hint of peanut butter. They don’t taste like protein powder or anything weird. I liked them!

11. Hersey’s Cookie + Caramel Bar
This was the perfect treat for after dinner. The bite size bar was packed with little chunks of shortbread and a nice amount of carmel. The chocolate was creamy like Hersey’s always is! I could totally eat more of these.

12. Special K Nourish Bar – Caramel Sea Salt & Mixed Nuts
I love the nourish bars from Kellogg’s. This one even has quinoa in it! It’s definitely not missing out on any sugar though. Despite sounding like a healthy treat, it’s really not all that great for you. I mean, there is some nutritional value but this isn’t a substitute for a good breakfast by any means.

So I think this was a good little collection of goodies. Inside Sample Source is always more coupons as well. I have never been let down by Sample Source. I mean you’re getting a bunch of samples for free – how could you be? You don’t have to be a blogger or anything to get these samples either. Just sign up on their website and wait for the email to let you know when to log on and order your box! The best part is that they distribute samples in Canada and in the US.

Check out Sample Source today so that you don’t miss next quarter’s box.

product review: bakers krate

If you know me, you likely know how big of a sweet tooth I have. In fact, I think all my teeth are sweet teeth! I am a sucker for baked goods. I love to make trips to the bakery in Orono on the weekend but I also like checking out new bakeries. I actually like baking too; I think it’s a bit easier than cooking meals and often has an easier clean up. But with Bakers Krate, you don’t have to worry about which baked goods to pick or having to deal with a messy kitchen just so you can get your hands on some tasty treats.

Bakers Krate is a Canadian subscription box company that sends you a box full of tasty baked good from bakeries all over Canada. The goodies are just like the basic items you would find at your local bake sale. In fact, all of the items I got came from bakeries in Ontario. The bakers that supply their items are experts, they bake for a living. They provide quality items that are natural, local and fresh. So what did I get?

Skor Cookie Bar
This was so good. I’ve had other Skor inspired baked goods but not a full on cookie bar. The cookie bar part is made with vanilla and toffee which is then smothered in melted chocolate and topped with little Skor pieces. I posted a picture of this on my social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!

St. Patrick’s Day Cake Pop
This may have been the first cake pop I’ve ever had. I am so happy it was chocolate cake too! Sorry vanilla lovers, but chocolate cake is the way to my heart.They mixed in a creamy icing which made the cake moist and very creamy. To finish it off they dipped the cake pop in white chocolate and drizzled a bit of green on top for that St. Patrick’s Day fun decoration!

FullSizeRender (86)
Peanut Butter Rice Krispy
I was super impressed with this one. It’s the first treat I ate. It puts the classic rice krispy to shame. The baker mixed peanut butter, chocolate and marshmallow to create a flavourful square. I think I could make this myself!

FullSizeRender (87)

Coco Coconut Mini Pie in a Jar
Not only was this packaged super cute, I also love the idea of a mini pie in a jar. The best way to describe this was like a butter tart with shredded coconut in it. I haven’t had anything like this before – except the classic butter tart (which I love!) I’m still not even 100% sure what was all in this but damn it was good. The Itty Bitty Pie company took it a step further with the “cool” factor of a mini pie in a jar.

FullSizeRender (88)
So florentine cookies are actually something I get regularly from my local bakery. They are a thin, crunchy treat made of tiny pieces of almonds stuck together using a brittle like mixture. They then cover the crispy treat with chocolate which adds a nice smooth taste to the entire cookie.

FullSizeRender (89)

The featured bakeries from this month’s Bakers Krate include: Leah’s Bakery, Black Walnut Bakery Cafe, Itty Bitty Pie Company, Heather’s Bakery Cafe and The Wooden Spoon. I like this service because I am a sucker for desserts. It’s nice to have a treat after dinner and with Bakers Krate it’s so convenient. Bakers Krate would make a great gift as well. If you know someone who has a sweet tooth, surprise them!


product review: hellofresh canada

For a while now I have been amused by the evolving trend of meal delivery. No, I don’t mean getting take out meals delivered. I am referring to the businesses that send you nutritious meals straight to your door step. Some send them cooked and ready to warm up, others send you the ingredients you need to create meals they have already planned for you. HelloFresh is a company that sends you quality ingredients and a recipe book so you can prepare delicious meals at home in less than 30 minutes. The meals come in a box that is insulated and packed with ice packs to keep the meat and produce at ideal temperatures until you arrive home. Inside the box are smaller boxes, packed with the ingredients you will need for that specific meal.

So I bet you’re curious, what did I get from HelloFresh? Well, here is a break down of the box I received – the pronto box. Typically you receive four meals in each box. All you need at home is some salt, pepper, oil and sugar – the rest they send to you!

Meal One: Shrimp Banh Mi Burger
Honestly, I was kind of scared to try this one. Typically, I wouldn’t order this at a restaurant but that’s what is cool about the service; you get to experiment and try new things. Shrimp is one of those foods that I am picky with. I don’t want cheap, rubbery shrimp. Thank god they teamed up with Hooked, a quality supplier of seafood in Canada. The shrimp was so good. I really enjoyed making (and tasting) the sriracha lime mayo. A neat step in creating this burger was the process in which I pickled the shredded carrot and cucumber slices with white wine vinegar and sugar.

FullSizeRender (80)
Meal Two: Roasted Pork
This was really nice and easy. Honestly, I never pan sear pork chops. But with the cold weather, I wasn’t going to complain or try to BBQ them since I could just use my stove top and follow the directions provided. I really liked the apple topper that you make yourself with a fresh gala apple. The sides; cauliflower mash and roasted snap peas were so good too! I’ll definitely start roasting snap peas more often.

FullSizeRender (83)
Meal Three: Saucy Tandoori Chicken
This was my favourite meal from HelloFresh! It wasn’t hard to make, but was something I don’t normally make either. The chicken was great, but the rice was totally worth talking about! They make you add lemon zest, lemon juice and cilantro to the brown rice and wow, let me tell you.. it was SO good. I am still thinking about how good it was. Don’t get me wrong, the chicken was also amazing but the rice was just like nothing I’ve had before. On top, you throw a blob of the shredded cucumber and sour cream mix. At first I was a little hesitant to put this on the delicious meal I just cooked, but it was a perfect and refreshing piece of the meal.

FullSizeRender (81)
HelloFresh sources farm fresh, seasonal ingredients to make chef inspired meals right at home. You pick between their pronto box, veggie box or family box. Each one feeds either 2 or 4 people, based on your needs.You can view upcoming recipes on HelloFresh.ca and use promo code “COLMER50” to save 50% of your first box!

product review: munchpak

So if you follow my blog, you know I’ve been trying to eat more consistently. I am not only trying to eat more frequently and more nutritious meals but I’m also trying to cut back on my sugar intake. I literally binge sugary foods in the evening. I can’t picture myself eliminating sugar completely, but I would like to get in control of my cravings. MunchPak is a subscription box service that sends you a box full of snacks. The items inside are perfect for all your cravings: candy, chocolate and salty treats. If you’re anything like me; you get cravings for sugar, chocolate and for salt. I can’t say I’m proud of it, hence why I am constantly working on this. MunchPak is an option to help this. If I could limit myself to the contents inside each month, I’d be laughing!

I received the MunchPak Original, which contains 10 or more items for only $19.95. You can opt in for less snacks, or for more snacks. The MunchPak Mini will cost you $9.95 for five or six snacks. The FamilyPak costs $39.95 is the best value and includes 20 or more items. The items inside come from far and wide. Japan, Indonesia, the UK, etc. This is a great option for anything who loves European chocolate or trying new goodies from around the world. The best part is that they now ship worldwide! Shipping rates vary based on your location.


So what did I get?
I got a mix of chocolate, candy and chips in my MunchPak! To be honest, I was scared to try some of the items just because I was unsure what exactly they were based on the packaging. Thankfully, I couldn’t pass up on trying new stuff. There weren’t any items inside that I didn’t like. I’ve linked each item below incase you want to pick up a certain snack. They sell their past items individually too!

Rap Snacks Potato Chips (Fetty Wap) Honey Jalapeño flavour 
It’s like the team at MunchPak knew I loved Fetty. I was a bit hesitant when I read “honey jalapeño” but I love hot foods and I like honey. They tasted like your typical American potato chip but the flavour was unique. I really enjoyed it!

Bourbon Petite Baked Potato Chips – Salt flavour 
These are from Japan. Basically, they best way to describe these chips are to call them mini Pringles. They were the same shape, texture and taste as the original Pringles. I really enjoyed these chips and shared them with my best friend who also approved!

Rowntrees Randoms Fruit Jellies
These sweet, chewy gummy candies are from the UK and made by Nestle. They contain an assortment of “random” jelly candies. You could find a strawberry, blackcurrant, orange, lime, lemon and cherry flavour within the pack! The packs are made up of four different textures and shapes. Again, would eat them again!

Lotte Double Dip Pepero
Okay, these were new to me. I’ve never seen a biscuit-like stick covered in chocolate. Not to mention double dipped in both white and milk chocolate! I really enjoyed eating these. They are a product of South Korea. I would totally pick these up again.

Hello Kitty Green Tea Wafer Cookies
So these aren’t something I would typically pick up if I saw them at the store. I do love green tea and wafer cookies but the combination to me seems odd. That isn’t until I gave it a try. I was impressed, I liked them! You can taste a natural green tea flavour while munching on the stick. The flavour comes from the matcha cream on the inside. This is a good product that came all the way from China.

DIY Candy – Coris Chocolate Covered Banana
Ok, these were my least favourite snack of the bunch. The DIY candy idea is really cool and apparently pretty huge in Japan. The pack came with soft yellow banana flavoured candy and a pack of chocolate dip and sprinkles.  The chocolate wasn’t horrible, but I didn’t eat it all. The sprinkles would decent but the soft banana candies were the best.

Milka Bubbly Chocolate
Move over Aero bar. The new guy is in town – straight out of Switzerland. This is very similar to an Aero bar, it was one of the best treats included. A full size (if not larger) bar of milk chocolate with air pockets through out. The smoothness and light taste were a total hit. I couldn’t help myself but to eat this in two days.

Meihi Choco Baby 
Japan is on the ball! These are perfect to kick your chocolate cravings with little guilt. They are little bits of chocolate that come in a dispenser for easy snacking. The dispenser helps you control how much to eat, but I mean – you might get carried away. They are really good and I haven’t seen anything like them over here in Canada before.

Fini Roller Candy – Blue Raspberry 
This was the first time trying a candy from Spain. I certainly was not disappointed. We have something very similar in Canada. This is a candy belt candy, covered in sour sugar. Aka, the best! The sour is easy to tolerate and the flavour of the blue raspberry has me salivating as I reminisce and write this.

Kabaya Sakypanda
This product from Japan is a sweet biscuit covered in both milk and white chocolate. The come in the shape of a panda head which was a cute. I liked the taste overall and I’m not really a biscuit type guy. Enjoying these with a glass of milk would be next level good!

So, if you’re looking for a subscription box for yourself or to gift.. check out MunchPak. You can browse their online store and purchase some snacks individually as well. I’m pretty hesitant when it comes to trying new foods; especially ones from around the world but I was not disappointed. Be sure to check out my Instagram to see the treats outside the packaging for a better look! Happy munching… I’m going to eat some vegetables now.

product review: soapstones natural skincare

Cruising through Instagram, I came across a post that showcased some piña colada lip balm. If you know me, you know my love for pineapple/coconut flavoured stuff. Drinks, Häagen-Dazs ice cream, hand soap.. whatever! I just love the smell and taste of piña colada stuff. I reached out to see if Soapstones Natural Skincare was interested in working with bloggers and to see if they would hopefully collaborate with me. They let me pick a few items that I would put to good use and enjoy and sent them my way.

I was super excited to open my package and see that they had sent an aluminum-free deodorant, a bottle of body wash and two piña colada lip balms. Soapstones is a Canadian company based out of Huntsville, Ontario. Being a Canadian company just made me want to work with them even more. But wait, it gets better. Soapstones takes pride in creating products that are not only good for those who use it, but they are also conscious of the environment and giving back to the community. A portion of their proceeds are donated back to the community in order to help develop youth leadership skills.

Piña Colada Lip Balm
The limited ingredients include beeswax, cannabis seed oil and soy wax. For 15ml, a standard size stick it will cost you $5. It’s pretty reasonable considering the effort that would go into making lip balm and packaging it with quality ingredients. The balm itself is soothing upon application and lasts. I’m a sucker for lip balms and have been using this one all week. My lips feel great! You can try their other scents: maple, raspberry, vanilla, peppermint or lemon.

Stones Muskoka Body Wash
For the most part, I used body wash in the shower. That being said, I have been using bar soap for the last couple months. Since the body wash arrived, I’ve been using it instead. The scent is great, I can’t really put it into words. It smells like men, but not too overbearing. In fact, I think ladies would enjoy it themselves too! It’s comforting to know that the body wash contains no parabens, no DEA and no PEG. It’ll cost you $16 for 250ml which should last you a while if you’re using a loofa! The body washes come in a variety of scents (over 10 to pick from) and of course they offer an unscented version.

Stones Deodorant
It may be TMI, but my armpits don’t like deodorant. I have to constantly switch between Old Spice, Adidas, Dove+ for men, and Saje. If I use the same deodorant for several days in a row I get a burn like reaction. It’s not cool. I remember telling my mom about it when I was like 16 and living with her. She said “so get a new deodorant,” thanks mom. I’ve been using the Stones Deodorant for the past four days and it seems my armpits like it! My Saje deodorant is pretty good, but it’s unscented and you have to apply water on it before each application. The deodorants from Stones are aluminum-free, vegetable based and easy to apply. They are lightly scented, so it’s not over the top either. You can pick between cedar and saffron scent, fresh water, or their Muskoka scent. I received the Muskoka scent and have nothing but the best to say so far!

If you’re interested in ordering from Soapstones Natural Skincare, you can shop online and receive free shipping for orders over $75. There is something nice about supporting Canadian businesses that put an effort into giving back.

product review: the BARK’N FUN company

If you have been following my blog, you likely know that I have a dog. Her name is Ellie and she is just over a year old. Ellie is a Boston Terrier/French Bulldog mix with a ton of personality. Not only is she full of sass but she is too smart for her own good. She loves going in the water, long walks, socializing with humans and with other dogs. However there is nothing in the world she loves more than treats and toys.

I was really excited to hop on a call with Danielle, the owner of The BARK’N  FUN Company to discuss working together. Not only do I appreciate how hard of a worker Danielle is. She is running her subscription box company primarily on her own. I also really liked how she is only a short drive from my house. At first I didn’t realize they were based out of Courtice but after talking for a while that came up and this made me want to work with the brand even more. Currently, the service is only available in Canada.

So here’s what was included in the box we received.


I have a love-hate relationship with buying toys for Ellie. She destroys most toys within five minutes and let me tell ya, toys aren’t cheap! I do my best to get her the durable and tough toys but that girl impresses me with her predator skills.

The BARK N’ FUN Company subscription box I received had four toys.  First, the “knot-ical tuff double tug” rope which is lime green – she loves ropes and even knows what “go get your rope” means. The second toy, a “skinneez” which contains 19; yes 19 squeakers and no stuffing! Yay for no stuffing but squeakers are super annoying to me. I hate squeaker toys – so Ellie is lucky when she gets one. I have to admit, I limit the time she has with the squeaker toys.. sorry Ellie. The first toy I gave her was the “beyond tough criss-cross” it’s a durable and soft dog toy that she had a lot of fun with. It just wasn’t durable enough for Ellie though! The last toy is my favourite of the bunch. It’s a little piglet made by Pride Bites. This one floats when it needs to, is durable and yes, it contains a squeaker.


I am pretty strict on what treats I give Ellie. I mean, I’m not like over the top crazy but I’m also not the type to give her a full sugar coated Timbit. Ever since I’ve had her, I have been buying the Benny Bully liver treats for her. She loves them just as much as she loves fresh rotisserie chicken and carrots!

The BARK N’ FUN Company box came with three bags of treats. All three bags are from the same company, FeelGood Treats. They are also a Canadian company. 2/3 bags were grain-free treats which is great because I feed her grain-free food. The larger of the three bags is the Trail Blazin’ bits. They were pretty limited in ingredients and are made with goat – so that was a plus. The box also includes two bags of their Teeny Treats. One was grain-free, the other was not. The Teeny Treats are hand made in BC from all natural ingredients. I sprinkled a little bit of these on her kibble since they were so little – she loved ’em! A plus about the treats is that they all contain no preservatives.

You can imagine how excited Ellie was to receive her own “blogger mail,” I know she was excited to be spoiled with a mixture of treats and toys. This box retails for $36.99 which isn’t bad seeing as I’ve paid $18 for a single dog toy before. Dog toys aren’t cheap and neither are quality treats, especially ones that are made with healthy and nutritious ingredients. That being said, they do have boxes available from $34.99 up to $46.00. You can specify the gender of the dog, the size and the age. Not only does The BARK N’ FUN Company have subscription boxes but you can shop their boutique for treats, toys, dog tags and apparel too.

I wrote a guest blog post on The BARK N’ FUN Company blog. The post is all about massages for dogs and how you can do one at home. You can view that by clicking here.