songs for your playlist // 005

Do you restrict your music consumption by genre? People often say they “hate” country. In my opinion, not all country sounds the same. Some of the new country music sounds similar to country music released decades ago but on the other hand, a lot of the new country music has a lot of pop and rock influences.

How about music consumption, do you restrict your music consumption by listening device? I listen to music in the car both on the radio and using Bluetooth while streaming. I listen on my iPhone and from my computer; either using Spotify or YouTube. As I was growing up cassette players and then CD walkmen were the cool thing to have. I even had a mp3 player that held a whopping 15 songs at once. I also like CDs still. I don’t have a record player or any vinyl – but I wouldn’t say I limit my music consumption to one device.

I’ve always been really receptive to new music. In this post, I share some more tracks from a variety of genres (mostly pop, let’s be serious). Take a listen and hopefully you will find a least one song to add to your playlist!

1. What Ifs – Kane Brown ft. Lauren Alaina

2. Bodak Yellow  – Cardi B

3. Too Good At Goodbyes – Sam Smith

4. Good Ole Days – Macklemore ft. Kesha

5. …Ready For It?  – Taylor Swift

6. Get Low – Zedd ft. Liam Payne

All of the links above direct to YouTube videos. This way you can see the visuals and listen to the tracks. I love to see music videos so I am thinking maybe I will start to embed the videos into the blog post moving forward. If you would like to see the music videos on instead of having to click away from the blog, let me know! Be sure to check out boy who blogs on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

songs for your playlist // 004

I don’t know why I don’t share playlist more frequently, I love sharing music with you guys and it’s not hard to put together. There are a ton of new releases each week. And hey, there has been some amazing new music released lately. I think this playlist is includes some easy to listen to music that will get you going.  Keep in mind I am also 23… like my mom would likely tell me to “turn this shit off.” But hey, I’m sure these tracks are pretty perfect to kick off the weekend!

1. Nothing Holding Me Back – Shawn Mendes

2. Drunk & I’m Drunk – Marc E. Bassy ft. Bobby Brackins

3. Selfish – Future ft. Rihanna

4. Lust For Life – Lana Del Rey ft. The Weeknd

5. Nights With You – MØ

6. Unforgettable – French Montana ft. Swae Lee

Hopefully you liked at least one of these songs and reading this wasn’t a complete waste. And if not, that sucks. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter!

songs for your playlist // 003

I love festivals, the business of it and the overall fan experience is something I really find amazing. Different festivals have such different vibes. The crowds can vary so much depending on the line up, the sponsors and of course the on-site activations. And with all these festival line up announcements, I couldn’t help but share some new tunes with you guys. Are you a festival go-er? Have you purchased any festival tickets yet?

As far as this playlist, I’ve just included a few songs that I seem to be overplaying lately. I can’t imagine all of these artists playing the same festival, but hey.. it could happen!

1. Run Up – Major Lazer ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR + Nicki Minaj

2. New Man – Ed Sheeran

3. Feel Good – Gryffin + Illenium ft. Daya 

4. Chills – James Barker Band (Live)

5. Stay – Zedd ft. Alessia Cara

6. It Ain’t Me – Kygo ft. Selena Gomez

Let me know what you thought of this playlist and if you have any other song suggestions for me, let me know! I am @boywhoblogs on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

songs for your playlist // 002

New music from artists I love is something I always look forward to. For those that don’t know, I went to school for Music Business Management at Durham College. This program is really the only program that focuses on the business side of the industry while touching on key topics such as live sound reinforcement, event management and includes a variety of workshop courses that give you real life experience working behind the scenes. So yeah, I do love music and I do love business. Putting them together for an advanced diploma was super fun to study. And music news is definitely something I like to spend my time focusing on. I have a special interest in music marketing and large scale events such as festivals. On my last blog, my roomies and I would reach out to PR agencies and interview emerging artists. We sent through our questions via email and then showcased one artist per month with a special post on the homepage of our blog. I also like curating playlists as a way to share music with others, so I thought I’d do that every so often. This will be the second playlist.

Take a listen, I’ve included various artists and genres – so there is likely something for everyone.

1. Shape of You – Ed Sheeran

2. Castle on the Hill – Ed Sheeran

3. Don’t Leave – Snakehips ft. MØ

4. Drinkin’ Too Much – Sam Hunt

5. Tempted – Jazz Cartier 

6. Us – USS

Let me know what you thought of this little mix and if you’d like to see more curated playlists. Let’s chat, follow @boywhoblogs on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

songs for your playlist // 001

Music consumption has changed with the rise of technology. I had a cassette player, a CD walkman, a MP3 player and of course a few Apple products including their iPods and iPhones. Now I stream music by listening to YouTube and by using 8tracks or Spotify. That being said, a lot of the music I listen to is either on the radio while driving or by syncing my Spotify to the sound system in my vehicle through Bluetooth or an AUX cord from my iPhone. Each season I create playlists on Spotify and name them either Fall, Spring, Summer or Winter. With the rise of new music sharing and streaming platforms, I’ve come to appreciate curated playlists. For example, on Spotify I love their Fresh Finds playlist, their  Viral Hits Canada playlist, Hot Hits Canada playlist and I’m always down for playlists curated by other music listeners. One of the best ones one my library is called 2000s hip hop.

In this post I’ve noted some songs for you to listen to if you haven’t already. This list has a variety of genres and sounds in hopes that every reader will come across a song to add to their own constant rotation list – however they consume music. Note, some of these songs might be explicit, so if you work in a daycare maybe don’t bump these too loud. You can click the song to listen to the track on Spotify!

1. Reminder – The Weeknd

2. Make Me (Cry) – Noah Cyrus

3. Black Beatles – Rae Sremmund

4. That’s What I Like – Bruno Mars

5. There’s A Girl – Trent Harmon

6. We Are – Chris Lorenzo & Chris Lake


Let me know what you thought of this little mix and if you’d like to see more curated playlists. Let’s chat, follow @boywhoblogs on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.