My name is Brent and I am a 23 year old living in the Durham Region. That’s just East of Toronto; for those who are unfamiliar. I took a highly competitive, three-year program in college studying Music Business Management to receive an Advanced Diploma. It was a quick and great three years. In my last year of college I landed a fun internship, it led to a full-time position for the same company, which was in the live music industry. I drove about 40 minutes to work everyday for minimum wage and that industry experience. It was tough to leave but I needed more. I knew I wanted to gather work experience with online influencers and within digital marketing. Yes, I did like the idea of working in the music industry but I needed to polish the skills I have gathered from growing up on Piczo, MySpace and social media (I had Twitter in 2008) but it wasn’t an option at this company while I was there.

Soon after, I left to work for Canada’s largest subscription box. I was doing exactly what I wanted to be doing. I was able to plan and execute social media campaigns on my own and created some awesome relationships with online influencers. Nine months later, I was still doing the same thing and didn’t feel any challenge at work. I now had a boss who lived in another country. I got bored even though I had the chance to do big things. Here I was still getting paid minimum wage, so I left. Don’t get me wrong, both jobs were amazing and have got me to where I am today but a boy has got to pay rent and live.

Today, I work as an assistant. I like it because I am constantly learning and I feel appreciated at work. I work part-time and make the same amount of money as I did when I was working 40+ hours a week. The extra time lets me do me. In November 2015 I started my own business, which allowed me to be in the front seat of digital marketing for other businesses. Soon after starting my business, I crossed off another thing on my bucket list: to raise a puppy. Now I have created a personal blog and would like to travel a bit more. I know I am still young and that I am not entitled to anything. But what I also know is that it’s very important to be happy and that only I can determine my self worth and ensure that I am happy.