experience: a men’s spa day

Okay damn, I went to my first day spa. Basically, I switched jobs recently and had two weeks off in between. I took one week for myself and just chilled. During this week, I booked a half day trip to the spa. First place I called couldn’t take me because one of their staff doesn’t practice on guys do to religion and the other staff member had a broken rib – or so I’m told. But, as you know the spa world is pretty competitive. I easily picked up the phone, called another spa in the area I had heard great things about and booked in.

So what did I get? I registered for reflexology, a mens’ facial and an aroma-massage. First service to be done was the reflexology. The lady at the spa had me soak my feet and then started to apply pressure to areas on my feet. Honestly, it was a lot like a foot massage. However, reflexology is a relaxing way to alleviate stress. The pressure applied to various areas corresponds to different organs and systems in the body.

Next up was the facial. The mens’ anti-fatigue, aromatic facial treatment clears skin complexion and promotes robust tone radiance. Of course, my eyes were closed so I really couldn’t be sure exactly what was going on. The lady applied at least 4 or 5 different products to cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize my skin. I left with my face glowing!

The final service was the aroma-massage. They use a de-stressing solution with essential oils including lavender and verbena. These oils will work the tension out of your body! The massage was head to toe starting at the scalp. You will rediscover wellness and relaxation. Ideal for those with a busy mind and a lot on the go to step away for a bit!

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