experience: a men’s spa day

Okay damn, I went to my first day spa. Basically, I switched jobs recently and had two weeks off in between. I took one week for myself and just chilled. During this week, I booked a half day trip to the spa. First place I called couldn’t take me because one of their staff doesn’t practice on guys do to religion and the other staff member had a broken rib – or so I’m told. But, as you know the spa world is pretty competitive. I easily picked up the phone, called another spa in the area I had heard great things about and booked in.

So what did I get? I registered for reflexology, a mens’ facial and an aroma-massage. First service to be done was the reflexology. The lady at the spa had me soak my feet and then started to apply pressure to areas on my feet. Honestly, it was a lot like a foot massage. However, reflexology is a relaxing way to alleviate stress. The pressure applied to various areas corresponds to different organs and systems in the body.

Next up was the facial. The mens’ anti-fatigue, aromatic facial treatment clears skin complexion and promotes robust tone radiance. Of course, my eyes were closed so I really couldn’t be sure exactly what was going on. The lady applied at least 4 or 5 different products to cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize my skin. I left with my face glowing!

The final service was the aroma-massage. They use a de-stressing solution with essential oils including lavender and verbena. These oils will work the tension out of your body! The massage was head to toe starting at the scalp. You will rediscover wellness and relaxation. Ideal for those with a busy mind and a lot on the go to step away for a bit!

fall 2017 sample source

The new season means another Sample Source box. Now that I’ve been getting these for a couple years now, I have friends and family on board! It’s a really great way for brands to market themselves and a great way for consumers to test products with no commitment, silly newsletters or any nuisance. Each new season, Sample Source sends out an email to give a heads up about new samples and then another email to let you know to log in and pick your selections. What is available to you is based off a quick survey that gives Sample Source a better idea of the samples you would be best for. Some questions about your living situation, eating habits, pets,  etc.

So, here is what I go this time around!

1. Purina Vitality + Dog Food
This was a pretty big ticket sample, a 2kg bag of dog food! However, I am a snob in what I feed my dog so I have slowly just been adding a bit to my dog’s bowl every now and then. Because of the ingredients, I wouldn’t buy this regularly for my dog but the price difference really makes me reconsider.

2. Nordica Smooth Cottage Cheese
Honestly, the best item in this seasons’ box! Although I think the brand expected the consumers to test the plain cottage cheese, I knew that I loved the salted caramel! I would not have used or enjoyed plain cottage cheese but this stuff is great, especially when dipped in apples.

3. Coffee Pods by Nabob and Maxwell House
I like getting coffee pods. It’s the perfect way to experiment and try new coffee without committing to an entire box of pods. Both great brands and known for their coffee.

4. Adam’s All Natural Peanut Butter
I love peanut butter. Like, an unhealthy addiction. This was tasty stuff! I’d love to try a crunchy version because that’s what I normally purchase but I loved the idea of an all natural peanut butter.

5. Breathe Right Strips
I swear by these strips. I first tried using them after receiving them in my Sample Source before. They work, but you need to be sure to follow the instructions or you could end up with a bruise on your nose – take it from me..

6. Cesar Entrees Wet Dog Food
Again, I don’t want to upset my dog’s stomach and honestly, I don’t want to deal with wet dog food on the regular. However, this makes a nice treat for my dog. I can add a scoop or two on top of my dog’s regular meals and I’m sure she likes that!

7. Kashi Seven Grain Quinoa Bar
After reviewing the ingredients list for this item, I decided not to try it based on my allergies.

8. Kellogg’s Vector Protein Bar
After reviewing the ingredients list for this item, I decided not to try it based on my allergies.

9. Sunlight 4-in-1 Powercore Pods
On the package, it says this product restores whites and protects colours and fabric. For that reason, I used this pod in a wash of whites. I wanted to brighten up my white shirts. Let me tell you, this pod was the size of my palm. It’s was next level. As far as the results, I’m not sure how different this pod is from any other on the market.

10. Pedigree DentaFlex 
Honestly, I am still scared to give this to my dog right now. My sister’s dog started experiencing some weird stuff after the last time these were in the box and we’re not sure what it’s from exactly. It could be a coincidence but it’s really not worth the vet bill for me – sorry Pedigree and sorry Ellie!

11. Pedigree DentaFlex
These I have no problem feeding to my dog. I have been buying these for a couple years and have never had an issue. My dog loves them but seems to go through one rather quick. It’s a nice treat that contributes to oral health – so that’s a plus!

12. Sensodyne Toothpaste
This isn’t a new product for me, I’ve used Sensodyne before. I like to keep these little sample sizes for travel or to keep at the office. Since using Invisalign, I have definitely tripled the amount of toothpaste I use.

13. Sensodyne Mouthwash
Since I have Invisalign, I will take all the oral hygiene products I can! I’ve used Sensodyne before. I like to keep these little sample sizes for travel or to keep at the office. I usually use another brand because I like the whitening benefits rather than the sensitivity.

To be blunt, I wasn’t overly impressed with the items in this box and have already sampled a lot of this stuff before. It’s nice to see full size items, I can’t wait to see what the next box has! You can check out and sign up for Sample Source to be included in the next round.


It’s cuffing season! As the cold weather sets in and the daylight hours diminish, most of us will start to lounge around inside more often than during the warmer months. What better way to spend a lazy night or Sunday then watching Netflix with your favourite snack? I have put together a list of offerings available on Netflix Canada for your viewing pleasure. Whatcha waiting for? Put the feet up and dive in!

1. How to Get Away with Murder
I kind of felt like this series starts a bit slow but by the middle of the first season, you are going to be hooked. Basically, a defence lawyer and her students get themselves into some wild situations and have to get themselves out of a lot of intense situations. Starring Viola Davis, there are three seasons on Netflix so far.

2. Gaga: Five Foot Two
Even if you don’t love Lady Gaga, you’ll find some inspiration in this documentary. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka Lady Gaga pours herself into her career despite suffering from some heavy health issues. This documentary is just under two hours long and gives you an inside look on Gaga as she promotes her album and gears up for her Superbowl performance.

3. Shameless
The other day I was explaining this as a raunchy version of Modern Family. An alcoholic father and his offspring go through a ton of ups and downs as the oldest sister tries to care for her younger siblings. I can’t recommend this series enough.

4. Girlboss
I haven’t got too deep into this series but so far, so good. It follows a young go-getter who is sick of where she is at in life. She starts doing her own thing by scouring thrift shops for expensive finds and resells them for what they are worth. This one is relatable for any young adult trying to find their place in the adult world.

5. Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life
Love him or hate him, you know you like at least one of Chris’ tracks. This documentary really reminds those like myself who aren’t superfans about the success Chris Brown has had. After working with Usher from his teenage years to performing a tribute to the late Michael Jackson at the BET Awards and of course the entire assault trail after his altercation with Rihanna this really puts things into perspective.

Hope you find something to watch, I’m going to go watch How to Get Away with Murder now!