make life easier!

Over the last few weeks I have done a couple things that have made life easier. I work full days and commute about an hour and a half each way – that’s three hours of my day spent on the train or on the highway in my car. The result is an unbalanced work/life mix. Sure I love what I do, it’s fun and I get to do some great things but it’s not always easy. Now that I have made a few changes, I am confident I have set myself for success by making life a little bit easier.

Here are some ideas for you! Of course, some of these may not apply depending on your living situation. Some are a bit much and might not be in the budget but hopefully one or two of these will be relevant to you.

1. Start a meal service (or make meals ahead and freeze them!)
I recently took the plunge with this one. After working with HelloFresh Canada, I was in love with the idea and convenience in a meal service. HelloFresh is a great, quality service but I wanted something even easier. No, I’m not lazy.. I just knew it would be jnice to have meals already prepared. The amount of time I save cooking and cleaning has been nice!

2. Use a property manager
I haven’t gone to the extent to hire someone to manage my property… yet. However, the idea of having someone cut my lawn and care for my gardens is very appealing. I love having a backyard and gardens but it’s not something I want to do after a long day at work. My weekends are often busy with running errands and being social so if I can’t make it work then my lawn doesn’t get the attention it should have. Imagine not having to worry about snow removal either? A boy can dream.

3. Find a dog walker
Using a dog walker is great for you and for your dog! Not only does this prevent me from feeling guilty when I leave my dog for an extended period of time but it also helps your dog get exercise and socialize. The hard part for me was opening my house to someone that I don’t know but then again, that’s why I have home security cameras.

4. Plan your outfits for the week
I’ve done this one on and off for years! It’s so much easier than trying on clothes and deciding on an outfit in the morning. Save time getting dressed and spend more time sleeping in!

5. Make a happy box
Honestly, this isn’t something I have done but it is something I kind of want to do! Come up with a few items you can put into a box that will make you happy. If I built one, I think I would include a “done list.” A done list is a list of amazing things I have done, this could be personal stuff, professional stuff or anything that I would be proud to say I’ve completed. Similar, another list would be a gratitude list. A gratitude list should include things you are thankful for. Think about your health, your income, family, relationships, etc. Other things could be photos of your pet, loved ones or a drawing from your kid. Be creative and think what makes you happy.

6. Meditate
Most of us are often too busy to stop and clear our minds! Meditation can actually help you create more time by making your mind calmer and more focused. I recently started meditating with the help of the app “Breathe” which was recommended to me. Meditation will help reduce stress, increase clarity and promote happiness.

7. Hire an assistant
As an assistant, I often think how amazing having an assistant would be. Especially one like me that will do anything. When you think of someone who has an assistant you likely think of an executive or an A-list celebrity. Why can’t you have one? Have you ever considered a business, personal or virtual assistant? Virtual assistants can assist with social media management, research, project management and much more. By delegating some of your “to do” list – you can make life much easier!

Hopefully, you found this post to be informative and took something away from it. With the busiest time of year coming up for many of us, I thought this would be a great post! If you have any questions about any of the ideas above – send me an email or connect with me on social media!

Invisalign Update: Tray 21/30

It’s been a while since I wrote a post about my Invisalign update. It’s pretty crazy to think how quickly time passes. I am already on tray 21/30. That means I have another 18 weeks to go until I am done thirty trays, it’ll be over sixty weeks! Based on what I have heard and read about Invisalign, it’s not uncommon to have to do a couple more weeks after the first set. The next set is known as the refinement period. I’m thinking I’ll have to do another few weeks but only time will tell, my dentist hasn’t said anything about that yet.

Oddly enough, the posts about my Invisalign journey are the most read and bring the most traffic to the blog. This is likely because of how many people are looking for insight and reviews before committing to the treatment plan. After all, it’s not cheap and can be a bit intimidating. However, I am already super happy with the results. My teeth look great and I am looking forward to seeing the final result. The worst part of Invisalign actually has it’s benefits… that would be the hygiene part. It is certainly a nuisance having to clean my trays and teeth after I eat anything. The plus is that I brush, floss and rinse my mouth more frequently. Not to mention, I am snacking less because of the work involved in taking the trays out and cleaning them. Truth be told, sometimes it’s not always easy to do a full clean and sometimes it’s just awkward popping your trays in and out. I’ve had to improvise and honestly, I take my trays out in public with no shame. Some tricks for on the fly cleaning include using the mini, disposable toothbrushes that don’t require any water. When times are rough, I just do a good rinse with water and try my best to clean up my trays!

Since I am close (but not really close) to finishing, I can’t wait to hear about a retention plan so that I can keep these teeth aligned and looking their best. Despite my dental hygenist telling me I have very white teeth last weekend, I will definitely be looking into whitening trays once I complete all my trays! I have had a company reach out to partner with for promotion of their teeth whitening service but unfortunately, it just doesn’t make sense for me to get custom whitening trays right now because my teeth are constantly moving around.

Anyways, I hope this helps! If you have any questions about Invisalign you can always send me a DM on Instagram, shoot me an email or leave a comment on this post!

cooking for one // spicy cauliflower

Oh boy! Cauliflower is the new potato, friends. One of the best appetizers I have had is a Buffalo Cauliflower dish. It was beer battered cauliflower tossed in buffalo sauce and served with a dill ranch dressing for dipping. Since it was deep fried, it wasn’t the healthiest of options. However, I have a tasty side dish for you that is very similar and doesn’t involve batter or a deep fryer! If you love hot sauce, you need to make this. Did I mention this is going to be super easy and quick to make? Let’s dig in!

The first step is to wash your cauliflower. I won’t judge you if you skip this step but you should. Next, cut the cauliflower into small floret chunks. I used half a head of cauliflower. Moving on – toss the florets into a hot pan (medium/high) and then drizzle with two teaspoons of olive oil (or so – I tend to NOT measure things) – then add minced garlic! Now, mix well.

FullSizeRender (9)
Let the cauliflower brown up a bit, stirring often to keep it from burning and to get it evenly heated throughout. Ater three minutes or so, turn the heat down to low. On low, I let the cauliflower cook a few more minutes before adding the lime juice and soya sauce in. Use your best judgment on how much, I’d say a quarter of a lime would give you enough juice and a few dashess of soy sauce should do the trick. Continue to mix well. Once you get an even coat… add the hot sauce! How much hot sauce to add just depends on how hot you like. I did quite a bit. This adds a nice colour (and flavour!) to the dish. Continue to cook for another 3-4 minutes before serving.

Feeling fancy? Top with green onion and enjoy!