my reiki treatment experience

What is Reiki?
You have probably heard of Reiki but you likely don’t have a clue what it is. Reiki is an ancient healing technique. Reiki is based on the principle that the person conducting the treatment can channel energy into the clients body. This is done by laying the hands on, or just over different chakras along the body. There are seven chakras, each of them are a different centre of spiritual power. The energy channeled helps to activate natural healing processes and to restore not only physical, but emotional well being. The word Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words. Rei, which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy”. Together Reiki which means “spiritually guided life force energy.”

My Experience
I’ve had two mini sessions of Reiki done and one full session. The first one was quick with the focus just on my head, neck and shoulders. I sat on the floor for this one. After, I felt a feeling of relief and relaxation – I felt like I was high or something. I guess you could say I was just a little bit out of it. The second session was also a quick one, but a bit longer than the first. I started on the ground and then as it progressed I was instructed to lay on my back and then on my stomach. This one was just before a family dinner and while driving to the dinner I felt so relaxed and a bit tired.

My sister is a certified Level 1 Reiki practitioner. There are three levels, the first level is more focused on you (the practitioner) but it’s important to practice your healing technique. My sister really wanted to do a “full” session on me. This week after my surgery, I spent the night at her house and got her to do a full session on me. I felt the energy in three spots the most. The first one, which was the front of my head; so my face. The second was while on my stomach but I felt it at my lower back. The third, which was most powerful feeling was my feet. It was trippy because the feet was the last spot and right after we stopped I was like holy shit, my feet felt crazy! It felt like I was conducting energy or electricity, I don’t even know. My sister wasn’t surprised I said that because the feet aren’t even one of the seven spots that a Reiki practitioner typically hit. She said that something just guided her to channel at my feet and that while doing it she felt her stomach going off.

After Reiki
After Reiki you can experience a few things: flu or cold like symptoms, black stool and a loss of energy. Two days after the Reiki treatment I had a minor sore throat, which I just kind of clued in was probably related to having Reiki done. Another thing you may experience is unusual compliments. A couple days after receiving my second mini-session I went to a McDonalds drive thru to get an iced coffee. The girl at second window opened it and said my iced coffee will be just another minute.. moments later she opened the window again and said, “Omg! Do you do your eyebrows? I’m so jealous of them.” and to that I said, “Uh, I pluck them to maintain them but like nothing super serious.” The worker then told me about how she lost her sharpener and wasn’t too happy about that. Well damn, I don’t draw my eyebrows on I thought to myself as I drove away. So that could have been a coincidence but I thought it was pretty ironic.

If you live in the GTA and are interested in having Reiki done, send me a message or leave a comment! You can also contact my sister directly through her eyelash extension page: Pretty Little Lashes

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