product review: munchpak

So if you follow my blog, you know I’ve been trying to eat more consistently. I am not only trying to eat more frequently and more nutritious meals but I’m also trying to cut back on my sugar intake. I literally binge sugary foods in the evening. I can’t picture myself eliminating sugar completely, but I would like to get in control of my cravings. MunchPak is a subscription box service that sends you a box full of snacks. The items inside are perfect for all your cravings: candy, chocolate and salty treats. If you’re anything like me; you get cravings for sugar, chocolate and for salt. I can’t say I’m proud of it, hence why I am constantly working on this. MunchPak is an option to help this. If I could limit myself to the contents inside each month, I’d be laughing!

I received the MunchPak Original, which contains 10 or more items for only $19.95. You can opt in for less snacks, or for more snacks. The MunchPak Mini will cost you $9.95 for five or six snacks. The FamilyPak costs $39.95 is the best value and includes 20 or more items. The items inside come from far and wide. Japan, Indonesia, the UK, etc. This is a great option for anything who loves European chocolate or trying new goodies from around the world. The best part is that they now ship worldwide! Shipping rates vary based on your location.


So what did I get?
I got a mix of chocolate, candy and chips in my MunchPak! To be honest, I was scared to try some of the items just because I was unsure what exactly they were based on the packaging. Thankfully, I couldn’t pass up on trying new stuff. There weren’t any items inside that I didn’t like. I’ve linked each item below incase you want to pick up a certain snack. They sell their past items individually too!

Rap Snacks Potato Chips (Fetty Wap) Honey Jalapeño flavour 
It’s like the team at MunchPak knew I loved Fetty. I was a bit hesitant when I read “honey jalapeño” but I love hot foods and I like honey. They tasted like your typical American potato chip but the flavour was unique. I really enjoyed it!

Bourbon Petite Baked Potato Chips – Salt flavour 
These are from Japan. Basically, they best way to describe these chips are to call them mini Pringles. They were the same shape, texture and taste as the original Pringles. I really enjoyed these chips and shared them with my best friend who also approved!

Rowntrees Randoms Fruit Jellies
These sweet, chewy gummy candies are from the UK and made by Nestle. They contain an assortment of “random” jelly candies. You could find a strawberry, blackcurrant, orange, lime, lemon and cherry flavour within the pack! The packs are made up of four different textures and shapes. Again, would eat them again!

Lotte Double Dip Pepero
Okay, these were new to me. I’ve never seen a biscuit-like stick covered in chocolate. Not to mention double dipped in both white and milk chocolate! I really enjoyed eating these. They are a product of South Korea. I would totally pick these up again.

Hello Kitty Green Tea Wafer Cookies
So these aren’t something I would typically pick up if I saw them at the store. I do love green tea and wafer cookies but the combination to me seems odd. That isn’t until I gave it a try. I was impressed, I liked them! You can taste a natural green tea flavour while munching on the stick. The flavour comes from the matcha cream on the inside. This is a good product that came all the way from China.

DIY Candy – Coris Chocolate Covered Banana
Ok, these were my least favourite snack of the bunch. The DIY candy idea is really cool and apparently pretty huge in Japan. The pack came with soft yellow banana flavoured candy and a pack of chocolate dip and sprinkles.  The chocolate wasn’t horrible, but I didn’t eat it all. The sprinkles would decent but the soft banana candies were the best.

Milka Bubbly Chocolate
Move over Aero bar. The new guy is in town – straight out of Switzerland. This is very similar to an Aero bar, it was one of the best treats included. A full size (if not larger) bar of milk chocolate with air pockets through out. The smoothness and light taste were a total hit. I couldn’t help myself but to eat this in two days.

Meihi Choco Baby 
Japan is on the ball! These are perfect to kick your chocolate cravings with little guilt. They are little bits of chocolate that come in a dispenser for easy snacking. The dispenser helps you control how much to eat, but I mean – you might get carried away. They are really good and I haven’t seen anything like them over here in Canada before.

Fini Roller Candy – Blue Raspberry 
This was the first time trying a candy from Spain. I certainly was not disappointed. We have something very similar in Canada. This is a candy belt candy, covered in sour sugar. Aka, the best! The sour is easy to tolerate and the flavour of the blue raspberry has me salivating as I reminisce and write this.

Kabaya Sakypanda
This product from Japan is a sweet biscuit covered in both milk and white chocolate. The come in the shape of a panda head which was a cute. I liked the taste overall and I’m not really a biscuit type guy. Enjoying these with a glass of milk would be next level good!

So, if you’re looking for a subscription box for yourself or to gift.. check out MunchPak. You can browse their online store and purchase some snacks individually as well. I’m pretty hesitant when it comes to trying new foods; especially ones from around the world but I was not disappointed. Be sure to check out my Instagram to see the treats outside the packaging for a better look! Happy munching… I’m going to eat some vegetables now.

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