what are crystals for healing?

Crystals are a result of atoms, molecules and/or ions that come together and solidify. Crystals form through a process called crystallization. There are a large variety of crystals that form in various sizes, shapes and colours. It all depends what the crystal is made up of and how it has formed. The use of crystals in alternative medicine has increased over the last few years although this is an ancient practice. Each type of crystal carries its own use and healing properties. Some people feel the benefits of healing crystals by carrying one or more with them each day; others may use crystals during meditation. I’m not well-versed on the topic but I know that some practitioners will place various crystals on different body parts to correspond with their various chakras.

I chatted up the lad at the store were I picked these up to see if she knew much about the crystals. She told me that the best way to know which ones to buy are by seeing which of the crystals you find yourself attracted to, or the ones in which you feel a connection to. I picked up some crystals and thought I would share what they look like and the benefits behind each one.

It is said that Amazonite will enhance creativity, intellect, intuition and psychic ability. Because of the relation to the throat chakra, Amazonite is said to be beneficial to all forms of communication. It’s calming effect and contribution to building self-esteem are said to lessen stress and self-defeating behaviours. Others credit Amazonite for helping with their eczema, muscle cramps, and for helping their nervous system. It’s also known for delaying both tooth decay and osteoporosis.


Chrysocolla is a gentle stone. Its energy works in a harmonious way. It can help ease fear, anxiety and  guilt. This stone is known for bringing hope to those who may need it. Chrysocolla is physically used for treating asthma, pneumonia, muscle cramps, arthritis, and tension headaches. I love the idea that this one can be used to purify places and to remove negativity from people.


Rhodochrosite helps you feel buoyant and cheerful. You may feel dynamic and active with this one. This one is popular for it’s work to boost self-confidence by bringing a sense of realistic balance to life. I liked how this one is said to be good for digestion, your heart, your kidneys, pancreas, and thyroid. It inspires a fresh attitude, as well as a courageous heart. This one aids love and puts you in touch with your emotions and helps one to pursue their dreams.


Topaz is a balancing and calming stone. Topaz can balance emotions, release tension and for some; can bring joy. Topaz cleans the aura and promotes relaxation. It brings spiritual love and peace. It also is said to bring true love, hope, creativity and individuality. This stone will aid gout, blood disorders, lack of appetite, tuberculosis and help reverse aging.


It is understood that Selenite has a direct effect on the emotional body. Although, unlike stones that soothe and calm the emotions, selenite helps to connect us with our true spiritual feeling and path. This one is known for it’s connection with truth and honesty. Selenite promotes good business practices and honesty in all types of relationships. Selenite is often related to the promotion of fertility and to increase the libido. This one is known as a protector of pregnancy and motherhood.


Azumar help the body and mine release anger, fear, and frustration. It also replaces these emotions with serenity, confidence and joy. Azumar is a stone of insight and communication.  It works wonders in healing and brightening the emotional body.


Please keep in mind that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. I’m not a professional, nor do I consider myself an expert in crystal healing.

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