product review: the BARK’N FUN company

If you have been following my blog, you likely know that I have a dog. Her name is Ellie and she is just over a year old. Ellie is a Boston Terrier/French Bulldog mix with a ton of personality. Not only is she full of sass but she is too smart for her own good. She loves going in the water, long walks, socializing with humans and with other dogs. However there is nothing in the world she loves more than treats and toys.

I was really excited to hop on a call with Danielle, the owner of The BARK’N  FUN Company to discuss working together. Not only do I appreciate how hard of a worker Danielle is. She is running her subscription box company primarily on her own. I also really liked how she is only a short drive from my house. At first I didn’t realize they were based out of Courtice but after talking for a while that came up and this made me want to work with the brand even more. Currently, the service is only available in Canada.

So here’s what was included in the box we received.


I have a love-hate relationship with buying toys for Ellie. She destroys most toys within five minutes and let me tell ya, toys aren’t cheap! I do my best to get her the durable and tough toys but that girl impresses me with her predator skills.

The BARK N’ FUN Company subscription box I received had four toys.  First, the “knot-ical tuff double tug” rope which is lime green – she loves ropes and even knows what “go get your rope” means. The second toy, a “skinneez” which contains 19; yes 19 squeakers and no stuffing! Yay for no stuffing but squeakers are super annoying to me. I hate squeaker toys – so Ellie is lucky when she gets one. I have to admit, I limit the time she has with the squeaker toys.. sorry Ellie. The first toy I gave her was the “beyond tough criss-cross” it’s a durable and soft dog toy that she had a lot of fun with. It just wasn’t durable enough for Ellie though! The last toy is my favourite of the bunch. It’s a little piglet made by Pride Bites. This one floats when it needs to, is durable and yes, it contains a squeaker.


I am pretty strict on what treats I give Ellie. I mean, I’m not like over the top crazy but I’m also not the type to give her a full sugar coated Timbit. Ever since I’ve had her, I have been buying the Benny Bully liver treats for her. She loves them just as much as she loves fresh rotisserie chicken and carrots!

The BARK N’ FUN Company box came with three bags of treats. All three bags are from the same company, FeelGood Treats. They are also a Canadian company. 2/3 bags were grain-free treats which is great because I feed her grain-free food. The larger of the three bags is the Trail Blazin’ bits. They were pretty limited in ingredients and are made with goat – so that was a plus. The box also includes two bags of their Teeny Treats. One was grain-free, the other was not. The Teeny Treats are hand made in BC from all natural ingredients. I sprinkled a little bit of these on her kibble since they were so little – she loved ’em! A plus about the treats is that they all contain no preservatives.

You can imagine how excited Ellie was to receive her own “blogger mail,” I know she was excited to be spoiled with a mixture of treats and toys. This box retails for $36.99 which isn’t bad seeing as I’ve paid $18 for a single dog toy before. Dog toys aren’t cheap and neither are quality treats, especially ones that are made with healthy and nutritious ingredients. That being said, they do have boxes available from $34.99 up to $46.00. You can specify the gender of the dog, the size and the age. Not only does The BARK N’ FUN Company have subscription boxes but you can shop their boutique for treats, toys, dog tags and apparel too.

I wrote a guest blog post on The BARK N’ FUN Company blog. The post is all about massages for dogs and how you can do one at home. You can view that by clicking here.

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