update on the invisalign journey

So time is going by quick and I love Invisalign for the most part. I am on tray 3/30 so I still have a while to go. Every two weeks I change my trays, which I would say is perfect timing. The hardest part for me has been trying to get over frequent snacking. I love snacking at work and in the evening but since I have to (at least) brush my teeth and floss after I eat, I am now less interested in snacking. Not only do I clean my teeth after I eat, but I need to clean my trays too. When it comes to switching to my next tray, I do so before I go to sleep. If I pop a pain reliever then I don’t wake up from the pain as my teeth settle into the new aligners. The next day is usually not bad, but the day after I find my teeth are a bit tender as they adjust.

I have a few staple items that help make the process a bit easier and more bearable. First, I have the pain relief roll on from Saje. This stuff helps relief any aches in my jaw, I roll it under my ears; around my jaw line towards my chin. The first two days I find the process to remove my trays a bit difficult. This is because my teeth are snug into the aligners, making them slightly difficult to take out. So to reduce the amount of times I remove my trays each day, I use the crave away relief roll on from Saje. This helps to reduce cravings and gives me a little boost when I need it. Another item from Saje that I have has helped me as I go through the Invisalign journey is their best breath spray. It’s a sweet breath freshener. I know that having trays in all day can’t be helping my breath.. although I think I over do it with cleaning my teeth and my trays, I like to have this on hand.

As far as any concerns I’ve had, my first tray started to lift at the back on one side after a week. I called my dentist and they said this wouldn’t be anything to worry about. The next tray fit fine. The top tray on my third/current aligner doesn’t cover one of the back molars but speaking to others that I know who have Invisalign and with my dentist, this is nothing to worry about either. In a week I will go back to the dentist for a routine cleaning, to pick up a few more aligners and fr some more IPR done. I’m not looking forward to that (see my last Invisalign post here if you’re unsure what IPR is) but it should be the last time I’ll have to get any IPR done. If you’re thinking of starting Invisalign or have any questions send me an email or direct message me on Instagram.

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