essential items you need

As I get older (wow.. 23 years old – so old, I know) I have definitely started to care more about keeping my skin hydrated, clean and protected. I never had bad acne growing up. Of course I would get the odd pimple or two, but nothing that made me insecure about my skin. I do however have freckles. I think this is why I never really did much with my face other than clean it in the shower once a day but that routine has slowly evolved. Now I always moisturize my face with some sort of face lotion after I shower or wash my face. I really like Clean & Clear’s Dual Action Moisturizer. Not only does this product keep my skin hydrated but it also helps fight acne. I’m also a fan of the Dove Men + Care face lotion. I’ve compiled a list of products that will help keep you looking your best and protect you, especially in this cold weather.

I’m a huge fan of oil absorbing sheets. These help remove excess oil from your face. Aka, that glistening shine from that one time you break a sweat through out the day. I don’t have an overly oily face, but they are still a must have.  I have used these for years and have nothing but the best to say about these sheets. I picked up the Equate (Walmart brand) version since they were out of the Clean & Clear ones last time I went to restock. They work just as good!

Protecting your lips is always good. Peeling, cracking and dry lips are something none of us want to experience. Drinking more water will help with this, but you need to help protect your lips with a lip balm or lip chap. Lip balm keeps your lips moisturized and will help protect them against cold winds and the sun’s UV. Don’t buy the cheapest lip balm on the shelf. I personally enjoy Burt’s Bees beeswax lip balm.

Another key item to share is natural deodorant. For some reason, I seem to have sensitive arm pits. Some brands have caused me pain and discomfort and I really don’t know why. I’m sure it’s because of the unnecessary additives you’ll find in a lot of the deodorants available today. About a year ago I picked up the au natural crystal fresh deodorant stick from Saje. There is no scent and you have to run the stick under water before each application, so that can be annoying. Although if you want a scent, you can add a drop of an essential oil to the stick before applying it. I don’t get any irritation from this product though, so I would suggest looking into a natural deodorant if you haven’t already made the switch.


Since I mentioned Saje, I need to include their Immune germ and virus fighting remedy. I use this every few days and luckily I haven’t had a cold or the flu since. This natural roll on uses eucalyptus, cinnamon and tea tree to relieve protect against the flu, colds and even coughs.

You’ve probably seen the variety of L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Cleansing Masks available online. I recently picked up the three mineral clay + charcoal mask. Everyone loves a face mask. Guys, if you aren’t doing them; you’re missing out. It’s no shocker that over time environmental factors will damage your skin leaving complexion dull and tired looking.  This mask is made with kaolin, montmorillonite, moroccan clays and is then enhanced with charcoal. Over time using this mask will even out your skin tone and clean out any impurities that have built up from dirt and pollution.


For now the eyes. Honestly, I have wrinkles when I smile big. I know everyone does, but I swear mine are next level. Maybe I am just too insecure but I’ve taken steps to ensure that my eyes don’t age me quicker than I’d like. I use the Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum by Clarins for Men as an overnight treatment for my eyes. A little bit goes a long way and you just lightly dab the serum around your eye lids. This helps to reduce bags, dark circles and the overall fatigue look that comes with getting older. I also picked up a protective eye cream from Jeunesse. This specific cream is from their dead sea treatment collection. This product is key to providing the much needed moisture to the area around my eyes which help to reduce and prevent any damage to the skin around my eyes.

Hopefully you’ve found some products that you might be able to add to your beauty routine. These are all pretty basic essentials that will help keep your skin hydrated, clean and protected.


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