cooking for one // southwest tacos

It’s taco tuesday! And if you haven’t tried corn tortillas, today is the day to pick them up from the grocery store. I buy the smaller sized tortillas and put three right on the rack in the oven to get them a little bit crunchy before dressing them up with all the fixings for a tasty dinner idea. I’ve also just put the tortillas on a frying pan as is and let them get that same crunch. These tacos are a nice change from traditional tacos with beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato and your seasoning and salsa/sour cream. To make these, I experimented with some things I wanted to use up in my kitchen.

I used ground turkey, but beef would be great too, and prepared it just like you would any ground meat you were using for tacos. I buy the taco seasoning that comes in a package because it’s convenient and quick. The first step is to brown the meat up with a little bit of diced up onions in a frying pan. Once the meat is brown, drain the grease from it and add water and the taco seasoning in. You’ll let this simmer until the water disappears leaving your meat full of flavour.

Instead of using iceberg lettuce or romaine hearts, I used a salad-type mixture with cabbage, kale, shredded carrots and a tiny bit of radish in it. This totally helps shred time off the preparation by avoiding the cutting and cleaning that you would regularly have to do with a head of lettuce.


I added some more veggies. I had some frozen corn, so I popped a handful of kernels in a bowl with water and then microwaved this so the corn wouldn’t be cold or frozen on the taco. I drained the corn and added it on top of the salad mixture. Next, I cut some thin pieces of an orange bell pepper to add some more flavour and a little bit of crunch to it. Once the meat is done, throw it on top and then of course, top it off with some shredded cheese. I like marble cheese personally. For sauces, I added some hot sauce and a bit of BBQ Ranch dressing.

This was quick and easy, perfect to try for Taco Tuesday!

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