get ready for 2017

Of course we know that January is the mark of a New Year. That means the gyms will be packed and people will change their eating habits. For some it will last, but for many it likely won’t. If you weren’t set on these changes at the beginning of December then chances are you don’t really care to succeed in these goals. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that only you know when you’re ready to make a lifestyle change. Working out and eating better are great goals for the new year, but they require a big commitment.

Below I will share some ideas on changes you can make for the new year. These will not only benefit you; but they’ll benefit the people around you as well. After I’ll share what my news years resolution is and how writing this post will help to keep me accountable through out 2017.

First thing to consider is speaking with standards. I mean a few things by this. Stick to your morals and use your words to express yourself. Be honest with your thoughts and your opinions. Keep in mind you should be able to justify your reasoning for why you think or feel a certain way. I’m not suggesting you blurt out, or preach your beliefs on other people. You do need to think before you speak. Don’t go out of your way to offend others but remember to stick to your word. You are entitled to have certain views and shouldn’t have to worry about what others think of your opinion – but be prepared to back up your thoughts with logical and factual points. Say what you mean. But on the other hand, avoid speaking down on other people or spreading negativity to those around you. Not only does this make you look like a total goof, but you’re killin’ the positive vibes of anyone in your presence.

This ties into another thing to try in the new year. Don’t take stuff personally. What other people think and what other people do is a reflection of themselves. If someone doesn’t agree with the way you live, how you dress, or anything else that means something to you – that is fine. Let it go. You don’t owe anyone any justification. Of course you have the right to stand your ground and fight for your rights; but you don’t need to feel down or like you need to show someone up because they believe in something different than you. Sure it’s great to be an advocate, but don’t take it personal if someone doesn’t share the same mindset as you.

Stop making assumptions. Nothing is worse than thinking you know something and turning out to be wrong. Communicate and ask questions instead. Nothing is worse than experiencing sadness, drama or a misunderstanding because you decided to assume something. Making assumptions is basically making an excuse for yourself (or others). Be courageous, ask questions and go out of your way to get the facts and the right information yourself instead of through someone else.

And lastly, try harder. This of course sounds easier than it is. You might think you’re giving it your all. But if you’ve been giving it your all and it’s not working for you – try something else. Take a break and think about what you’ve done and how you can take a new approach. When you know you’ve given it your all and done your best, you will avoid regret, self-abuse and putting unnecessary pressure on yourself.

So hopefully you can read beyond the tiny bit of contradiction in this post. Use your head, you’re smarter than you think. The key take aways are in bold for a reason – they’re not as difficult as you think.

As for my new years resolution.. I want to stick out blogging twice a week for an entire year. I pretty much post on Mondays and Fridays. But I really started to post consistently in September 2016. Now I hope that I can keep it up until September 2017. Then I can reevaluate this whole blogging thing.

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