cooking for one // chicken quesadilla

I often buy the pre-cooked rotisserie chicken’s from the grocery store when I pick up chicken. I find the chicken to be full of flavour and find that the value for my money is pretty good. I get bored of the same old boneless chicken breast, so this has been a good go to grocery item. There is also so much that can be done with these! I use the chicken for salads, soups, meals and for cooking stir fry and other recipes. One of my favourite ways to use up this meat is by putting together this quick n’ easy quesadilla.

First, I cut up red peppers and onions into little chunks. I then add a tiny bit of olive oil and some roasted garlic and red pepper seasoning to the frying pan. I like to fry these lightly, but still manage to let them to soften up a bit. Once the pepper and onion is tender I will add the pieces of chicken to the mix.


In the mean time, I have already shred up some marble cheese. I prefer using corn tortillas rather than the flour ones lately. In another pan I put down the tortilla and then quickly add the mix of onion, pepper, chicken and seasoning on top of the corn tortilla. Then I top it off with the shredded cheese. Finish it off by adding the other tortilla on top and flipping it. Once the tortillas are brown on both sides and the cheese is melted, they are done!

Sometimes I will open it up and add some hot salsa right in, but sometimes I like to dip. Salsa and sour cream are the best with these chicken quesadillas.

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