product review: next meat subscription box

I’m a sucker for cured meats. I really like hot pepperettes the most. Pepperettes are something I buy regularly from the deli because they are a quick n’ easy snack. I also love the greasy gas station ones that have probably been sitting on the counter for weeks – they are just too good! Next Meat is a Canadian subscription box company that delivers a box filled with packaged cured meats to you. This is a great subscription box for those who host often. You could make a mean charcuterie with their products.

The Next Meat website says each box comes with one of the following to accompany the meat and to enhance your overall experience: crackers, cheese, salt, vinegar, oils or dried vegetables. However, the one I received for review did not. I also didn’t see any additional items mentioned above in their October box. This is higher end subscription service, costing you $47.95CAD per month. That price includes including shipping. No tax. Like most other subscription box services, you can save money by pre-paying for a longer term.

One thing I have learned from this box and from the last food subscription box service I received for review is that I hate the smell of truffle. I like chocolate truffles, but not the fancy truffle seasoning.

The box I received included..


Preferisco Fennel Salami

Preferisco Truffle Salami

So I actually could tell a difference between this salami and the salami I’ve purchased from the deli at my grocery store. Preferisco’s seemed less greasy, lighter and more fresh. I actually really enjoyed the Fennel Salami, it reminded me of a very mild pepperette. As you know, truffle is just a scent and flavour that I can’t get into. I did try a piece and it was not horrible but I couldn’t eat the entire package (sorry!)


Spagina Chorizo – Mild

Spagina Chorizo – Hot

So these were kind of cool because this was my first time trying chorizo. This also means I don’t really have any other kind of chorizo to compare it to. It was good, I liked the hot better because I love hot food as you should know by now! Chorizo is great cut up as a snack with cheese and crackers. Chorizo is also used in burritos and added to other dishes such as pasta and on top of pizza.


Venetian Chorizo Spanish Sausage

So I thought it was cool that all of these meats happened to be from Canada. I read on the Next Meat website that they source their items from Canada and import items from around the world too. Venetian is based out of Hamilton, ON. Their Spanish chorizo sausage is made with a coarse grind. Again, this can be enjoyed as a snack/appetizer or within an entrée like pizza or pasta.

Overall, I thought this was a neat subscription service. Though the price point is a bit steep for me to subscribe to regularly. You are getting what you pay for though, which is an assortment of quality meat. I would have liked a better mix as I received three types of chorizo and two types of salami. Since I am new to the entire “meat market,” I thought this was a neat way to try some more products that I wouldn’t typically grab during my routine grocery shop. If you or some body you know would like to subscribe to Next Meat, check them out online!

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