product review: tomtoc laptop sleeve

I was thrilled when I noticed a pending message request on my Instagram. I love receiving messages! This one, in particular, was exciting because it wasn’t spam or a sales pitch. Angela from tomtoc had reached out in regards to partnering together in order to promote tomtoc. tomtoc is a brand that sells quality products for laptops, tablets and phones. They use premium materials to create protection for some of my favourite devices.

In this case, they sent me a laptop sleeve for my MacBook Pro. My MacBook is outdated, I got it in early 2011 before I went to college. It still works and I do use it for streaming, writing long emails and whatever else I don’t want to do from my phone. I often bring my laptop with me when I am doing contract work or if I am working somewhere other than at the office or at home. My MacBook was key to my success as an intern and as a contract employee after being hired on for the Summer. Yes… I had to use my own laptop; which kind of sucked. This also meant commuting with it and carrying it around. I settled for a cheap, plain black, not-so-durable sleeve from the dollar store.

The tomtoc sleeve that they sent me fits just perfectly. It’s snug, but it fits into the sleeve just fine. My dollar store one was too big for my laptop and certainly not as protective. The corners of the sleeve are extra padded for protection against drops. I also really liked how the outside material is water resistant. I won’t have to worry when I am walking to or from the car in the rain or in any crazy snowstorms. This sleeve really does offer some all around coverage with thick padding inside. I found it cool that they also offer a warranty for their products. On the tag of the sleeve, you get a serial number which is easily registered on the tomtoc website. The sleeve I received is basic but it does offer extra storage for USB sticks, etc. with an extra pocket at the front. Another upgrade from what I was using before.

What was also great is that I received the product one day after Angela confirmed the product with me. This is because the item shipped from Amazon and was an Amazon Prime order – how cool! If you’re on the market for some extra protection for your favourite piece of tech, check out tomtoc! I’m also working on taking some more photos which I’ll be sending off to tomtoc for use on their end of things.

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