gift ideas for him

Some people may have finished their Christmas shopping by now, but a lot of us likely aren’t done shopping yet. I know some people who actually like waiting until the last minute to complete all their shopping! I find it less stressful and easier to budget by spreading my shopping (and spending) through out November and into December. I was lucky to take advantage of free shipping offers and some sales from a couple retailers for Cyber Monday. I’d say that is a good start!

Year after year I find the hardest people to buy for are men. That might be ironic because I am a guy after all. Dad, brother, grandpa, etc. all seem to have everything they want! I’ve put together a few gift ideas for the men in your life.

1. Faux Suede Slippers from Mark’s – $29.99
2. Philips PowerTouch Electric Shaver from Walmart Canada – $52.96

screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-11-35-49-am3. Chocolate Brown Full Grain Leather Men’s Search Boots from TOMS – $135.00


4. A Henley Style Shirt from H&M – $12.99


5. 9.5 Inch Gotham Steel Frying Pan from Canadian Tire – $29.99


6. Zurich French Press Coffee Maker from The Bay – $ 16.99


Hopefully these items were able to get your creative juices flowing. I think most guys would be happy with any of the items above, as long as they don’t already have them. Electric razors are super convenient to have. Everyone can appreciate a nice boot that adds a little bit of style to your look. Henleys are perfect for layering and are a step up from a basic long sleeve. That frying pan is dope – I have it. It’s totally the one you’ve seen on TV that doesn’t scratch or dent and is super non-stick. French press coffee makers are sweet! Making a fresh cup of coffee with coffee grounds is so worth it.

Other gift ideas for men that you might consider are a frozen steak from the local butcher, a box of their favourite beer, instant scratch lottery tickets, new socks, new underwear and maybe a nice pair of gloves for the winter. Of course, only you know the person you’re gifting to and what to give them all depends on what they have and how they live.

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