tips to make winter better

Okay, ah.. winter is less than three weeks away. Although that doesn’t mean the cold weather, the blistering wind or the snow is going to hold off on us. In Canada our winter weather is very cold and our summer weather is very hot. If you’re like me, you could do without winter. Instead of being a debby downer about the season, I’ve compiled some tips that will improve your winter and help you survive the big frost. These tips should help you stay sane through out the next few months. Just remember, spring will be here soon!

1. Make DIY hand/feet warmers
These are easy enough to make with only a few supplies. The first step is to cut some material into squares. Get some thread to sew three of the sides closed, or get double sided tape to do this. Once you have three out of the four sides sealed, add a bit of uncooked rice in. Finally, seal up the fourth and final side. Bam! You’re done. Pop these little guys into the microwave and you’ve got yourself a reusable warmer. For inspiration, check out DIY’s on YouTube.

2. Avoid added sugar
Unless you’re a kid or you play more sports in the winter then you are likely participating in less physical activities. We tend to hibernate just a little bit this time of year. Spending less time outdoors can result in added weight gain. Not only does sugar aid weight gain, but it also will suppress your immune system. Be sure to get those fruits and veggies in ya!

3. Get some house plants
House plants can add so much for your living space. Not only are they decorative, but they also create oxygen and moisture. Ultimately, plants can help control the dryness that comes along with keeping your place heated during the winter.

4. Switch your bedding up
If you don’t have a duvet yet, you’ll totally appreciate having one during the colder months. There are so many different duvets out there but they all do the trick. Look for something that’s heavier than your comforter. If you already have a duvet, consider switching your bed sheets to a different material. Fleece or cotton are great alternatives.

5. Get a good lip balm
There is nothing worse than dry, cracked or even bleeding lips. The key is to keep your lips moisturized through out the day. Be sure to reapply a couple times a day and to avoid chap stick with scents or flavours.

6. Embrace the season
It’s key to stay positive this time of year. Get involved in the many things winter has to offer. This includes watching parades, building a snow fort, creating snow angels, going skating, ice fishing, etc. Kids often enjoy winter more than adults and this is probably because they take full advantage of the snow. Building snow men and having snowball fights isn’t just for kids! Dress for the weather and get into it.

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