songs for your playlist // 001

Music consumption has changed with the rise of technology. I had a cassette player, a CD walkman, a MP3 player and of course a few Apple products including their iPods and iPhones. Now I stream music by listening to YouTube and by using 8tracks or Spotify. That being said, a lot of the music I listen to is either on the radio while driving or by syncing my Spotify to the sound system in my vehicle through Bluetooth or an AUX cord from my iPhone. Each season I create playlists on Spotify and name them either Fall, Spring, Summer or Winter. With the rise of new music sharing and streaming platforms, I’ve come to appreciate curated playlists. For example, on Spotify I love their Fresh Finds playlist, their  Viral Hits Canada playlist, Hot Hits Canada playlist and I’m always down for playlists curated by other music listeners. One of the best ones one my library is called 2000s hip hop.

In this post I’ve noted some songs for you to listen to if you haven’t already. This list has a variety of genres and sounds in hopes that every reader will come across a song to add to their own constant rotation list – however they consume music. Note, some of these songs might be explicit, so if you work in a daycare maybe don’t bump these too loud. You can click the song to listen to the track on Spotify!

1. Reminder – The Weeknd

2. Make Me (Cry) – Noah Cyrus

3. Black Beatles – Rae Sremmund

4. That’s What I Like – Bruno Mars

5. There’s A Girl – Trent Harmon

6. We Are – Chris Lorenzo & Chris Lake


Let me know what you thought of this little mix and if you’d like to see more curated playlists. Let’s chat, follow @boywhoblogs on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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