cooking for one // one pan ground turkey concoction

I love trying new recipes and food. As long as it isn’t game meat, eggs, or seafood other than halibut/ lobster/crab or shrimp then I’m down! I swear I’m not too picky but I can’t get into weird meat, egg dishes or creepy looking and smelling seafood. I picked up some ground turkey because I’ve had it  made up for me before a few times and enjoyed it. I also have heard that it’s a bit healthier than ground beef. So, I didn’t have  any bell peppers to stuff (I had a half of a red pepper) nor did I feel like making meatballs or a burger.

I asked my old roomie/coworker/friend from college how she uses her ground turkey. She responded that evening with some ingredients to throw together to make a dish she likes. It sounded good, kind of healthy, super easy to make and I had most of the ingredients already. But similar to how I share recipes; there were no cook times or portion sizes included.

So here’s what I did!

First off, I browned half a pound of the ground turkey. In the mean time I was chopping up onion and red pepper into little pieces. Once the ground turkey was pretty well brown I added these in.

I let the red pepper and onion cook a bit before adding the next ingredients: chick peas and kale. Before that I rinsed both the chick peas and the kale off. After washing the kale, I ripped the leaves into little chunks so it was a bit easier to eat and cook. Once everything was in the pan, I added the seasonings: cumin and red chilli peppers.

Next time, I think I might try to add a sauce of some sort. I’d love to hear what kind of sauce you would add. I was thinking making thai?

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