America, meet your President!

Woah! Thank you, it’s finally over. I can’t believe that for nearly two years our social feeds, TV screens and anywhere else we turned had something to do with Trump and/or Clinton. As a Canadian, of course I have some interest in the campaign. The idea of who will be the next President was something I thought about for sure. But really, the entire campaign process was annoying and a waste of money in my opinion. They both have spent more money on their campaigns than anyone should have to get your vote.

Here are some of the awesome things you might have missed with all the bashing, lying and twisting of the arm we’ve seen.

Trump called climate change a hoax
Sure, you might not believe in climate change. But do you really want to take the risk of not making an effort to slow down or work with environmentalist to ensure we have a better sense of climate change for our kids and grandkids?

Trump isn’t the businessman we think he is
Yes, he is worth more than you and I but he inherited a ton of his wealth from his father. Here are some of his failed businesses: Trump Airlines, Trump Beverages, Trump: The Game, Trump Casinos, Trump Magazine, Trump University, Trump Vodka, Trump Mortgages, Trump Steaks (uh okay) and (a travel site)

Trump vs. women
To be honest, I think I was most shocked at the number of white women who voted for Trump. Any other “celebrity” who would have said the remarks he has made in regards to women would have faced a lot more backlash. Grab her by the what? Imagine a male high school student said what he said – the kid would be in detention for a week at minimum, if not suspended. You would think that ladies would support one another for this one.

Trump on abortion
This is a sensitive topic. But if you think that anyone who has an abortion deserves to be punished.. well, I hope you never get raped. If you’re a man, I hope your wife or daughter never gets raped.

Trump and the LGBT+ community
He started off pretty against same sex relationships. Eventually he noticed how many LGBT+ people are in the United States. Trump attended an anti-LGBT conference earlier this year.. sorry, how is that even a conference? In response to same sex marriage, Trump had this to say, “I don’t feel right about it. I’m against it, and I take a lot of heat because I come from New York.”

Trump mocking someone with a joint disorder
Again, if a high school student were to publicly mock or make fun of someone with a physical disorder he or she would face more consequences than Donald did. Google “Donald mocking journalist with joint disorder” if you want to see the sickening gestures he made.

Trump on PTSD
He has called veterans who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder less “strong,” than those who don’t. Okay, well I don’t know about you but if you were to send me off to battle I would probably be dead within 24 hours. I think anyone who fights for their country is strong and very brave.  I couldn’t imagine what the troops see, hear, smell and feel. They’re pretty strong both physically and mentally in my eyes.


Take it or leave it. I’m not a political science major and I don’t have an overwhelming interest in American politics but this is your President America. Canadian’s are close by and the entire nation is watching. I truly hope Donald Trump does a good job as President. During the campaign and since his win there has already been enough hatred and negativity to last us the next five years. Like anything else in the world, we have our set backs. It’s not the end, it’s just the beginning.

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