fall 2016 sample source

I love that each time the seasons change here in Canada, Sample Source sends out another box full of samples tailored to you! Sample Source hits both the Canadian and the US market with their audience. Once you sign up, you’ll get an email from them letting you know to log in and complete a few questions to determine and then select which samples you want.

I’ve been getting Sample Source for about two or three years now. I love it! I even got my sister in the loop so she can receive samples to her house too. To determine which samples you will receive, you answer questions based on your living situation, lifestyle, current purchases, and a couple other factors. Here is the list of what I received.

1.Persil ProClean laundry detergent
I’m not picky with my laundry detergent. Earlier this year a German based company launched this product in Canada to compete with the handful of leading laundry soap companies we have. I used it on a load of towels and had no complaints or “wow” moment.

2. Emergen-C vitamin supplement
I’ve received this before in a Sample Source. I should have opted out to receive this item but it’s nice to have during cold season. I really disliked the taste. Essentially it’s a power you mix into your drinks and it provides 1000mg of vitamin C.

3. Tylenol Ultra-Relief (20)
I was surprised to see a bottle with 20 of their “eZtabs,” receiving a pack with a couple would be just another item but the fact that they sent an entire bottle was cool. It’s always nice to have an acetaminophen handy in case of a headache.

4. V8 +Energy drink // Peach Mango flavour
I was surprised to see a full size drink (the size of a Redbull can) in the package. Luckily it didn’t explode to break to damage my coupons! The drink is made with real green tea which offers the energy. The taste was light and non-carbonated which was a hit!

5. Tetley Balance tea (Cinnamon + Camomile + Orange)
I enjoy trying new teas. Although I haven’t gave this one a chance yet, I look forward to it!

6. Nutrigrain Fruit + Nut bar (Harvest blueberries + Mixed nuts)
Yum! This bar was good. The sugar levels were pretty high which is likely why I enjoyed it, so don’t be fooled by the package which kind of makes it seem healthy or good for you. I did like the taste and would purchase these as a snack or to add to a day when breakfast is on the road.

7. Special K Nourish bar (Dark chocolate + Almonds)
Same as above. Great bar, I loved the flavours. I actually have been buying dark chocolate with almond bars recently. They have a good amount of sugar in them, so don’t let that fool you!

8. Breathe Right nasal strips (Lavender)
Luckily, I don’t get a stuffy nose too often but I’ve used these in the past and they do provide relief. The lavender scent is a nice touch too! They are simple to use and are a nice alternative to using a sticky lotion or gel on your chest.

9. MotriMAX 12-hour liquid gels (4)
Sadly, I’ve used this product many times before. These naproxen pills provide relief of joint pain and inflammation from muscle and arthritis pain. I keep these handy at my desk at work.

10. Gaylea Real Coconut whipped cream
I love how they include full size items to try out! I wasn’t able to find this product at my local Walmart, but I think I’ll be able to get it at Foodland. I’m unsure what I’ll use the flavoured whip cream on but excited because I do love coconut!

11. Nordica Smooth Salted Caramel
I would have never tried this product, or any cottage cheese if it weren’t for Sample Source. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I really love this product. It’s like greek yogurt kind of! Salted caramel is a kind of new flavour, you’ll start to see it more and more now that it’s been brought to your attention. I’ve seen it in the grocery store and amongst other options at random coffee shops.

12. Astro Zero yogurt
I love yogurt. I wasn’t able to find this product at my local Walmart, but I think I’ll be able to get it at Foodland and I am pretty excited to try it.

13. Nescafe Sweet & Creamy instant coffee (3)
These were actually pretty good and definitely convenient. Simply add the package with hot water in your mug and stir. Sample Source sent out two regular coffee packages and one french vanilla flavoured package. I enjoyed both!

14. Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant toothpaste
To be honest, I haven’t used this product and likely won’t until I am going somewhere overnight or travelling. I am picky with my toothpaste options but enjoy using the sample size ones that I get from the dentist, etc. for when I am travelling.

15. Cesar Home wet dog food
This was the first time I’ve never let Ellie (my dog) eat wet food. I am pretty picky with what I feed her. She gets the limited ingredient, no grain added food but I knew she would love this as a treat. To be honest, I likely won’t buy it because wet food kind of grosses me out. 

16. Royal Canin Fussy Appetite dog food
Again, I am pretty picky with what I feed Ellie. She doesn’t get much “human food” ever and I’ve been buying the same brand of food since she was a puppy. However, I have received a ton of samples since having her from family or at events and have no problem mixing a bit of the package into her bowl with the regular stuff from time to time.

What I also like about Sample Source is that they include coupons from the manufacturers. That way, if you like something that was included then you might be able to save a bit of money when you decide to purchase it. Their service is a great way to try before you buy!

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