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It’s no surprise that I grew up online. Feeling inclusive online was, and still is pretty important.. I know that sounds horrible. It’s key that not only do your followers feel inclusive, but that you are actually inclusive in their social media consumption. Get them engaging with your posts through likes, comments, and if you’re lucky: shares! To help, I have put together five quick tips for you. If these go over your head, it’s time to get some help. Remember, focus on your growth.

1. Be selective with your social platforms 
Are you using Pinterest? Why or why not? If you’re active and not seeing any traction, you need to review what you’ve done and where improvements can be made. Maybe Pinterest isn’t worth your time but creating and maintaining a YouTube channel is.

2. Social is an around the clock gig
Ask any social media manager, we’re constantly monitoring comments for feedback and engagement. After all, no one enjoys hate comments on their posts! Be there to dive into the conversation quickly before it escalates. If need be, don’t be afraid to ban users or even hide comments. Have a policy in place, maybe you will warn them first. While I was working for larger brands, the level of inaccurate information posted in the comments and the links filled with spam was always present and something I monitored. Social is more than marketing, remember that A LOT of people turn to their social media to vent or to reach out and receive customer service through tweets, direct messages, etc.

3. In-house vs. agency or contracting 
This ties into number two, social media is time consuming and not for everyone. You’re a blogger, a vet, a culinary expert, or a busy entrepreneur.. right? Remember you might not be cut out for new age marketing and that’s okay. Be involved and learn, or step away and watch. It’s key to decide early on if you or an employee will be responsible for all the marketing efforts including creating content, managing the budget and putting the time in that is required.


4. Dive into paid-advertising
I could show you the results I’ve had while running some  (low-budget) campaigns for clients in the past, we were both impressed! The analytics that come with it are much more information than the letter you’ll receive by donating a couple hundred to a local sports team. The feel good warm feeling doesn’t always result in good or relevant marketing. Social networks let you customize your budget and really narrow your target market (even geographically, of course) Save the money on printing brochures or placing ads in the classified ads. You can start off with $10!

5. Promote your social media offline 
This is a surprisingly often over looked! Some of your regulars might not even know you have a Facebook page, or an Instagram account and whatever else for your business. Make it obvious! Present the idea for people to follow you by letting them know in-store, on your packaging, on print materials, by word of mouth, etc. You are on social media!

I created this blog while working freelance to assist local small businesses with their marketing efforts. Feel free to shoot me an email at if you think I can help you. Bloggers, small business owners, online shops – whatever you do!

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