cooking for one // pulled pork nachos


Living alone is great at times. The privacy, the freedom to watch TV in the living room when you want, and being able to leave your dishes wherever – for however long you want are key. Although, being as loud as I want and being able to sleep in without hearing someone else in the next room over are probably my favourite. The downside of living alone is that I am typically only cooking for one. Cooking for myself only results in wasting more food, having too many leftovers and putting a lot of effort into making a single meal.

So here I can post some of my creations! I love cooking but hate the clean-up. I thought I would start to share some meal ideas for one that are not difficult, and carry some nutritional value. This meal idea is great for a Sunday night dinner, or for a quick Friday after work meal.

I picked up a pork tenderloin from my local No Frills and when I got home, I cut it into two and froze the second half for another meal. That next morning I tossed the unfrozen half into my crock pot which I keep on low. Quickly, before work, I added some water, different BBQ sauces and a dash of a couple random spices that I thought would make a mean pulled pork.

Once I got home from work my entire place smelled amazing. I took two forks and started to slash at the pork and “pull it apart,” this way it looked like pulled pork. I added a bit more BBQ sauce and mixed it all up. I was going to eat the pulled pork on a bun, but since I had no buns I got out the Tostitos and started making nachos. I took out some frozen pineapple chunks to thaw, so I could cut them into smaller chunks. FYI – pineapple (or anything sweet) works well with pork. While this was happening, I cut up some onions and red peppers and cooked them on the frying pan with a little bit of olive oil and seasonings.

I then shredded cheese and layered the onion and red peppers before adding the pulled pork and tossing it into the oven. Less than five minutes later, the cheese was melted and I couldn’t wait much longer so I spread out the pineapple chunks evenly and added a little bit of homemade garden fresh salsa on top!

There you have it, easy to make pulled pork nachos. Now I know I don’t get specific on quantities, cook times, or even what spices I use; but that’s the fun part. I consider myself a good cook, but I rarely follow recipes and kind of go with the flow/follow my taste buds!

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