Bieber in Bowmanville… or not?

Screen shot 2016-08-24 at 1.50.57 PM.png
Photo Source: Instagram

The local online publication, reported earlier this morning that Justin Bieber will be hosting a special event in Bowmanville this weekend. The event is being held in an effort to help raise money as the Bowmanville Zoo scrambles to find new homes for their animals after announcing the closure of Canada’s most well-known private zoo earlier this year.

The zoo is marketing the event as “BFF Day,” short for Bieber Family Fun Day. But, if you really look into it, they never say Justin himself will be attending.

Over the last few months, Justin Bieber and his family have met some of our amazing animals. We are delighted to announce that the Bieber Family will be attending the Bowmanville Zoo fundraiser along with Jeremy, Chelsey, Jaxon, and Jazmyn, with the goal of raising money for the successful rehoming of our animals.”

If it all works out, it is a creative way for Justin’s PR team to help rebuild his “image” after receiving some hate for having photos with the zoo’s animals including a tiger and a white lion cub backstage at his Toronto stop while on tour earlier this year. The tickets are $295 each, but what do they include? No one really seems to know if you’ll even get to see him. Neither a performance, an appearance, or any speaking engagements have been confirmed.

But nothing adds up, the zoo has since deleted the post they made about the event on their official Facebook page. Plus, Jeremy Bieber, Justin’s biological father tweeted the following out this afternoon.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 6.41.33 PM

This evening the zoo made a statement saying that no celebrities have confirmed their attendance and that they have since been informed that the Bieber family will not be attending. So much for “Bieber Family Fun Day,” eh?

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