updates on SnapChat

Screen shot 2016-03-30 at 1.01.56 PM.png

Those close to me likely receive anywhere from 10 to 50 snaps a day. My Snapchat score exceeds 100,000 which is pretty impressive, or sad.. I’m not sure. I’ve always been in love with social media and tend to explore new social apps right when I hear about them. You could say I heavily use Snapchat; although I don’t post stories too often. Yesterday if you opened the app, you would have seen a notification from the team at Snapchat explaining they have changed their terms of use and quickly accepted them without reading. It’s okay, I did too. But did you notice the in-app updates? I did!

First off, you can finally type more than one line over your snap. Before, I would copy and paste a blank set of lines from my Notes app to do this – now I don’t need to do! This is one of many little tricks I know of – but I think those will be for another post. I found all the new features that you can access from the new Chat 2.0 area of Snapchat to be really neat. They let you make voice calls and video calls now and you can also send video and voice notes! Another new feature you’ll notice while watching other users stories is the auto-advance feature. Once one person’s story is done, it will automatically start the next story! I personally am really enjoying their release of a wide range of 200+ stickers in the chat area.

Below are a couple of my favourites:


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