caring for succulents

Succulents and even air plants are a trend right now. I have seen many brands include these lovely plants in their content for social media and in-store. Saje and Artizia are two big ones that come to mind.

Your florist will tell you like they told me: caring for them is super easy! They aren’t lying to you but it depends on how you care for your houseplants. See, I tend to over water my plants. My bamboo and my spider plant seem to love me for it. However, my succulents and cactus don’t appreciate the extra attention. Instead, they would rather be smothered in sun kisses. I find mine do their best in the window sill. Here are four tips for caring for your succulents.


1. Keep em’ cozy
They do best in a warm location. Avoid overly hot or colder areas in your house. I have an often warm bathroom, and a drafty back room; cold in the winter and hot in the summer. The back room has a skylight and windows making up two of the walls – which the plants seem to appreciate as long as it’s not too windy and cold outside.

2. Get direct with them
Direct sunlight for succulents is best. You’ll see the difference in having them near a window compared to the middle of your room, or in a low light area of your house.

3. Think summer weather
You can water them, but don’t over do it. The soil should be on the dry side and only water the plant when the soil is thoroughly dry. A tip I picked up this week was that you don’t need to add gravel or rocks to the bottom of the planter. Truth is, the soil will absorb all the water before it drains and by that time – you’ve over done it! You can always try and remove excess water but that could be another post itself.

4. Remember, it may leak
Since they don’t require much water, this shouldn’t happen. I suggest using a planter that has a hole for drainage. You may want to place a dish or something creative under the plant to prevent any stains or damage from seepage.

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